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When working out, grip resistance is extremely necessary if you want to maximize your results. Grip resistance allows you to use more weight since you will be able to hold onto equipment longer. This ultimately allows you to get a full workout that targets some muscle groups that you might not be able to activate if you had no grip resistance. Haulin Hooks was created by Hypertrophy Enterprises in order to fully maximize your workouts by using the ultimate grip resistance when working out. Haulin Hooks were created by Daniel Emick. He has been a competitive bodybuilder for over 30 years and knew that there had to be a product that could be available to people of all ages and expertise that enjoy working out using different equipment. Haulin Hooks is a thick padded wrap with a set of steel hooks attached that goes around your wrists. There is also an optional wrist strap if you need to use it with certain machines. Overall, Haulin Hooks is an effective tool when working out and maintaining your resistance on equipment, whether it is dumbbells, deadlifts, etc.


Haulin Hooks comes with a thick padded wrap with a set of steel hooks attached that goes around your wrists. Also included is a wrist strap.

Product Features

When using Haulin Hooks you can adjust where the hooks sit on your wrists depending on your comfort level. Adjusting the hooks can lead to a more comfortable grip on certain forms of equipment. You are able to move them up or down depending on the type of grip you need, most other resistance tools don’t offer this feature. The hook apparatus is very durable and strong, as it can withstand several hundred pounds without even budging, due to the nylon straps and foam padding on the inside. The website claims that the only way to dent it would be to use a sledgehammer. Haulin Hooks offers different versions based on different weight. For example, there’s the “Powerlifter/Pro” hooks which are the heaviest loads and “Ladies Hooks” which are lesser loads made for women. Haulin Hooks also can prevent irritable calluses from forming on your hands due to your palms being covered.

  • The extra grip resistance allows you to use more weight than you normally would.
  • They are proven to maximize workouts.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and weight loads.


  • They are said to be somewhat bulky.
  • If you aren’t into using anything on your wrists, these are not for you.


Haulin Hooks has gotten several positive reviews and barely any negative reviews. They are a safe and effective way to maximize your workout. They come in a variety of sizes and weight loads in order to fit each person’s needs.

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