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The Hay Diet was created by New York physician William Hay at the beginning of the last century. Dr. Hay was battling a host of physical ailments that were threatening to greatly reduce his life expectancy, so he turned to natural treatment options when conventional medicine couldn’t help him. The result of his research led him to the idea that when food was eaten in certain combinations, it could enhance one’s physical health. While the Hay Diet was primarily introduced to improve the function of the digestive system and contribute to the overall health of the body, we will take a closer look at the program to see if it can also be effective for weight loss.

The basic principle behind the Hay Diet is that food needs to be eaten in a specific combination; with acid and alkaline foods making up the major categories. The bulk of the diet consists of fruits, vegetables and salads with smaller servings of proteins, starches and fats. Refined sugars and starches are to be avoided altogether, and dieters are encouraged to keep close track of what they are eating using charts designed for this purpose. The recommended three meals a day should be at least four hours apart. Some websites featuring the Hay Diet also promote a regular program of exercise to maximize the benefits of the diet.
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Consumers who are interested in the Hay Diet will find plenty of information about the program on the Internet. Some websites also offer a food and exercise chart that dieters can download and use to track their progress.

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  • The Hay Diet recommends a high intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • The diet prohibits the consumption of refined sugars and starches.
  • Some websites also promote exercise in tandem with the food plan.


  • The Hay Diet is very restrictive.
  • The maintenance of tracking the program may be too much for many people.
  • The diet is not specifically touted as a weight loss program.
  • The variety of websites referring to the diet may make it difficult to find accurate information about the program.


It makes sense that a diet that prohibits the consumption of refined starches and sugars and promotes a high amount of fruits and vegetables would result in some weight loss. However, a diet that is restrictive and requires much maintenance may be difficult for some dieters to stick to. We believe that dieters can simplify a weight loss program by eating a low calorie diet, getting daily exercise and taking a proven weight loss supplement. The Hay Diet is probably too complicated for most dieters to follow successfully until their weight loss goals are met.

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