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What You Should Know

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HBM Elite by All American EFX is one of the few supplements that admit it may or may not work. According to the product literature, the scientists who formulate All American EFX supplements have no idea how it helps the bodybuilder but they list how it may work in the body. If consumers have questions about the supplement they can use the contact page on the official website for All American EFX. They can also choose to order the supplement directly from the website though it is priced higher than outside retailers. Neither testimonials nor pictures are listed on the website to prove the supplement does anything for bodybuilders.

List of Ingredients

HBM (D-Gluconic Acid-Calcium-Hydroxy -Methyl Butyric Acid).

Product Features

The scientists at All American EFX have no idea why they are marketing and selling HBM Elite, but they think it has something to do with slowing down the digestion of protein. A theory is offered as to how the supplement works in the body. According to the theory, HBM Elite keeps protein from breaking down as fast in the body. During workouts, more protein is available for muscle growth and thus muscles may grow larger.

All American EFX goes on to state that the processed ingredient works as claimed only in theory. There are bodybuilding ingredients that are proven to work and used by nearly all serious bodybuilders. Most often, the dedication required to be a bodybuilder does not allow time for theoretical supplements that may improve how protein works.

There is only one ingredient in HBM Elite and it will not boost weight loss. As a matter of fact, we cannot tell the user the ingredient will have any effect in the body and neither can the creators of the supplement.

All American EFX HBM Elite sells for $15 per 120 capsules and $25 per 250 capsules.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the All American EFX website.
  • Scientists admit to the fact that the product may do NOTHING.
  • Official website supports online ordering.


  • May not have any effect in the body.
  • Will not promote weight loss.
  • No free trial offered.
  • No testimonials support the supplement claims.


There is little sense in spending money for a supplement that the creators even admit may not work. Slowing protein breakdown may increase the amount of protein available to muscles, but this supplement may not slow protein breakdown.

Dieters have the chance to take products with ingredients that are proven to increase metabolism. These supplements tend to be a better buy because clinical research backs many weight loss ingredients. With no testimonials and such ambiguous claims made by scientists, we do not suggest buying this supplement.

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