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The HCG Diet is one that has been around for quite some time. A quick Internet search will bring up millions of results and none of these are from an “official” website for the plan. Taking a closer look, there is one website that looks a bit more professional than others and includes a complete pdf of the original manuscript for the HCG Diet by Dr. A.T.W Simeons. The manuscript was written more than 50 years ago.

List of Ingredients

A very low calorie diet consisting of 500 calories per day and daily injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).

Product Features

More than 50 years ago, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons studied pregnant women and young boys with Frolichs Syndrome, a pituitary problem that causes fat storage. During his studies, Simeon noticed that low doses of HCG, the hormone commonly recognized as a pregnancy marker, helped the body preserve lean muscle and utilize stored fat for energy when paired with a very low calorie diet. Simeon recommended daily doses of HCG in very low amounts, just 125 mg, for a period of no longer than 40 days. If the patient needed to lose more weight, the very low calorie diet would be continued until another cycle of HCG could begin.

The very low calorie diet was comprised of high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate – essentially an Atkins diet without the fat. The body, according to Simeon, would kick on protection mechanisms when HCG was injected to protect the fetus from starvation. Due to the effect of HCG on the body, it seems this diet would only be successful for women though there is no reference to men being unable to partake in the HCG Diet.

The complete manuscript written by Dr. Simeon is available online from what appears to be the official website. Simeon has since pass on and all websites offering information on the HCG Diet are working independently of Simeon.

There is no cost associated with the HCG Diet manuscript, but the injections can be costly. Some references list the lost of one injection as $700 or more. Several play off diets claim HCG drops taken under the tongue are just as effective and less costly. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the HCG Diet is unsafe and ineffective as part of a weight loss plan.

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  • The complete HCG Diet manuscript can be found free online.


  • Eating only 500 calories a day is unhealthy.
  • HCG injections are very costly.
  • There is no medical support for the use of HCG in weight loss.
  • The HCG Diet is considered an unsafe form of weight loss.


The HCG Diet is based on information from one doctor written more than 50 years ago. The effect of HCG on weight loss is not supported by the medical community and is considered unsafe.

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  • 1

    I used HCG about 2 years ago, and since have tried again without the same results. I did use different product, but can’t find a product which seems to work. Hungry and no weight loss. Anyone use something lately.


  • 2
    Maureen Metzger

    I did two 23 day rounds of HCG, 3 years ago and lost about 32 lbs. I’ve since gained around 12 lbs and want to do a round again, do I have to increase the dosage from 125? Or should I stay at that dosage? I did great with the diet, no side effects at all


    Teresa Love

    I’m coming off my 3rd 40 day round of HCG (drops) and I’m 55 pounds lighter than when I started. I’ve actually lost more but gained about 17 pounds back between rounds. My instructions said the doseage is the same regardless of your weight/sex. The diet is safe as long as you take a good multivitamin and some good B12. I would have lost more but I didn’t walk at all (30 minutes daily was recommended).


  • 3

    Sorry, meant to say you can sub cottage chz, yougurt, tofu for meat.


  • 4

    Anita, did you continue to lose weight after 26 days and what did you lose on your second round or phrase two? Do you recommend the HCG diet to someone who has to lose more then 80 pounds and why?


  • 5
    stephanie moretz

    how long do you need to wait and do 2nd round of 28 day injections after 1st round ?


  • 6

    I lost 90 lbs. on the HCG diet over a year and a half. I was not hungry and I am very healthy today. At my last physical my doctor told me my labs were fantastic. I haven’t gained any weight back and it’s been 8 months since I stopped this diet and returned to a regular calorie diet. I eat healthier and exercise regularly, and not crazy exercise, just walking, light weights (I’m 47), so muscle tone is important for more than just the look. Anyone who says this diet is not a healthy diet does not understand the process and sience behind it. One thing though, this is not a diet for someone who needs to only loose 10 or 15 pounds, this is for someone who is obese or morbidly obese. You have to have fat to burn otherwise as with any low calorie diet you’ll burn muscle and remember your heart is a muscle, so can be dangerous if muscle is burning. Just my experience, hope it is helpful



    Jlg626 thanks so much for your comment, it was helpful in that you explained thoroughly how the diet is helpful if a person is obese or morbidly obese. I am morbidly obese and within the last four months I have developed a muffin top. No a muffin top isn’t cute….it has to go. I am determined to be sexy. So I will try the HCG shots. Good luck on you weight lose success.


  • 7

    I lost 60 pounds on this diet. I did 5 rounds(23 days each round) of hcg injections over 1 year. I have kept the weight off for 2 years now and feel great. This is not an easy diet to follow and takes a lot of discipline. I had many days where I fell off the wagon but I kept working at it and I am glad I did.


  • 8

    I am just starting on actual 500 calories,today is day 2 and I feel pretty good. Can you take antihistamines on this,I have allergies,also have used small amount of lotion on my face and mineral oil on my skin,will that really put on weight?


  • 9

    Also found out that you must take vitamin supplements or you can get into real physical trouble. It does work, but put it back on. Now trying it again via shots, and pure hcg not drops-through a Doctor- with vitamins. Hope this works .


  • 10

    I went on 2 rounds of the homeopathic HCG drops. Lost 44 pounds. Tried a third time from different company and my body was a mess. I lost a great deal of hair and now have gained back all but about 6 pounds of the weight I lost.


  • 11




    I did this vegetarian-style & still lost a lb/per for about 2 weeks. Use boiled/steamed tofu instead of meat or cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. I definitely ate more veggies than what was reccommended and still lost.


  • 12

    I am on the “Transformation” HCG diet. You do shots 5 days in a row and off 2 days. The calorie intake is 800 calories but very strict. I was on it for 3 weeks and lost only 10 pounds because I couldn’t take the supressants. I am back on with my second week and have lost 7 so far. I do feel edgy and sometimes feel like I might have an anxiety attack. I might have to get off.


  • 13

    I take synthroid,can I use HCG shots?


  • 14

    A lot of people say it has worked for them, but which brand of the drops have you used? There are so many and I’d like to get one that works and not waste money.


  • 15

    I am on my first round of HCG drops and I have lost 23 pounds in 26 days. As with any diet you feel like you are being deprived but the scale continously going down was my motivation. Im ready for my second round.


  • 16
    marcethis stubbs

    I started the program but have
    lupus. need to send bac for
    now. what is the procedure,
    how long to get money back.
    thank you


  • 17

    im having problem relaxing enough to sleep at nite . why cant I sleep? can i take something to sleep?


  • 18

    I am wonderin if i use gel for my hair what will happen if i take the drops? b.c i want to try them but i neeed gel for my hair lol ne suggestions?



    I’m not much of a makeup person, but I did use product in my hair. It had no real effect on the diet. I have lost 26 lbs. in 18 days.You just have to follow the diet eating plan perfectly… If you cheat it will set you back a couple of days. The only problem I have run into is it doesn’t really work when you are on your “monthly”. I was told to stop taking it during that time, since you would be wasting your drops. I haven’t gained anything being off of the drops, but I can sure tell that I don’t have them. I am super hungry. So, I will be glad when this week is over.
    Good luck.



    Maybe you can help me? I am 6 days into my 1st round, and got my “monthly” yesterday. I never know when it is going to “surprise” me, that is why I just got started as soon as I heard about other peoples success’s. I am still taking the drops, but only down .8 from my day 1 weigh in. (although I am down 6lbs from gorging weight) From what I could find online and in the book, it seems unclear if I should stop taking the drops or not. I know if I do stop the drops, I will not be able to handle eating only 500 cals per day without them. Any advice? Thanks.



    Not sure of the diet, since I started I got sick, like a cold, chills and achy body. I’ve been using this for the last 3 weeks and for some reason haven’t lose a pound.
    So not sure if would be able to continue with the diet.

  • 19
    amy Marshall

    I’m on my 2nd round I did the HCG 2 years ago and lost 40lbs . it was very hard at first but after a couple weeks it was a no brainer . I recently gained 3-5 lbs after 2 years! and decided to do it again because I’d like to lose 40 more! I’ve tried EVERY diet , I suffered a stroke 8 years ago, so working out is a real challenge! thank God for the HCG ! I need instant gratification to stick to anything the best part is I paid well over $1000 the first time so i had to quit because I couldn’t
    afford it anymore! but now you can buy it on line at HCG diet universityI just hope it works as well


  • 20

    I was on HCG and had to quit because my hair started falling out! I lost 12 lbs in 7 days buut, hey, losing my hair? Had to quit.



    Losing hair is a potential side effect, just like when you are actually pregnant. However, it will coem back and you will not experience this side effect if you take biotin while on the protocol.


    i love my hair

    i’m trying this now. when i first say her say hair loss i almost died but then realized when i was pregnant my hair was the most gorgeous it had ever been. i just wish the hair would become thin and yuck after the diet :*(


  • 21

    IF this product works so well like people, doctors & experts are claiming then could they or do they have a site as to where I could test a very small sample like one days worth for 100% free? IF it works as promised I see no problem in this



    There is no way testing this for 1 day will help you. If you download a FREE copy of “Pounds and Inches” and read the diet, you will understand why. I did 2 rounds and lost 57.8 lbs and have kept it off for 8 months now. It works if you follow the diet and don’t cheat. Good luck to you.


  • 22

    I did the hcg diest injections it did exactly what it said 30 lbs in 30 days.there was only one day that felt hungry. I had more energy I did not feel sluggish, It made find different ways of preparing apples and vegitableson the diet. plus i did cheat a little with different vegatables. the key thing for me i found out was to make sure to drink a lot of water during the diet, do not eat after 8 pm at night. and I always lost 1 pound every day I have been off the diet for 3 months now still good. I followed the diet and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. this might not be for everyone But it did work for me.



    Aond, which HCG injection brand did you use?? Hard to tell which to buy since there really isn’t much regulation of how pure the product is? Did you have a doctor administer the HCG injections and monitor your progress?


  • 23

    It works but VERY restricting and you feel starved


  • 24

    I did this for 15 days and it worked BUT it was the hardest thing I ever did. You body literally feels starved and you are always feeling very edgy.

    It is very restricting so I would not do again.

    But it does work!


    Angela Williams

    I have been on the diet 15 days today. I have lost all the weight that I wanted to lose. The bottle I ordered was only a 15 day supply but everything I read says you have to be on eht diet for a min of 23 days. Was the 15 days successful for you and did you keep the weight off?


    Angela Williams

    Did you keep the weight off after only 15 days? Today is day 15 and I am at my goal weight and want to start the maintenance phase but am afraid to stop before the 23 day protocal.


  • 25

    I did a 23 day round of the HCG diet approximately 3 months ago. I followed it to the letter including the maintenance phase. I am now eating normally. I lost 30 pounds total and have kept it off for three months. I may do another round as I still have about 60 pounds to go. You MUST follow the protocal to the letter and be committed for it to be effective!



    Heather, which HCG brand did you use?? Hard to tell which to buy since there really isn’t much regulation of how pure the product is?