HCG Diet Reviews

HCG Diet Reviews
Also known as the Simeons Protocol, HCG Diets are very popular. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is the natural hormone women produce during pregnancy. This hormone nourishes and protects the baby in the womb by turning stored fat reserves into nutrition for the baby. In essence, these types of diets combine HCG injections, supplements, or drops with a 500 calorie daily diet, though there are three different phases.

● Phase One: You build up as much fat reserves as you can by eating as much as you want for two days while beginning the HCG drops.

● Phase Two: For the next 3-5 weeks you consume a 500 calorie daily diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, and two meals that contain 3.5 ounces of protein, while continuing with the HCG supplement.

● Phase Three: Maintenance—During this part of the diet you get to eat as much as you like as long as you completely eliminate starches and sugar.

Although these diets are somewhat controversial, there are rave reviews to be found on forums and blogs. Many claim there are some additional benefits found in the HCG diet that include: increased metabolism, decrease of flabby fat, feeling of fullness, thermogenic (fat burning), increased libido, and decreased craving for sweets.

Though many controversial or natural products are not FDA approved, HCG drops are. You’ll want to read through the reviews of the many different HCG products available out there to choose the one that is just right for you.

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