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What You Should Know

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HCG Maintenance is a product that is supposed to go hand in hand with the HCG Activator product, which we have also reviewed here on Diet Spotlight. We determined that product was not as potent as it wanted to lead customers to believe, and we have reason to believe this one is very similar. Although the name would lead you to believe the product contains HCG, too, it does not. This product has different ingredients, but the HCG hormone is nowhere to be found on this list.

List of Ingredients

HCG Maintenance contains the following ingredients: raspberry ketones, caffeine, green tea extract, elderberry extract, and cinnulin pf cinnamon bark extract.

Product Features

HCG Maintenance is supposed to be taken after you use the HCG Activator product, to help you maintain your weight loss. We have already determined that product is likely unsafe, and leads to mostly water weight loss, rather than fat loss. The caffeine and green tea extract, if used in the right amounts in this formula could help boost the metabolism, but we cannot see how much they are using, so we can’t make a real call on that claim. Since the entire formula is only 300mg, and you need at least 1200mg of green tea for it to be effective, it is pretty safe to say it will not be effective.

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  • HCG Maintenance has no known advantages.


  • HCG Maintenance does not contain HCG, and it does not have ingredients that will affect the HCG levels in your body.
  • There is not enough green tea in this formula for it to be effective.
  • This has many negative reviews all over the Internet.
  • There are no free trials of this product.
  • We are not sure if there is a money back guarantee. This would likely depend on the merchant where you purchased the product.


HCG Maintenance is another gimmicky product to go in hand with the one you are supposed to use before it. There is nothing in the formula that will affect the levels of HCG in your body, and the fat burners in the formula are not used in high enough amounts to produce effective results. We advise you to avoid this product completely and spend your money on a quality product that is clinically proven as a whole, rather than including clinically proven ingredients. If you combine one of those supplements with a reduced calorie, balanced, diet and regular exercise, using a combination of both strength training and cardio workouts, you will see a dramatic difference in the amount of weight you lose. While diet and exercise will work to help you reach your goals, the right supplement choice can help increase the results from your efforts.

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