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HCG Platinum is one of the brand name HCG drop products on the market today. Is it any different than other HCG products? Is there any truth to the weight loss claims? This review takes a closer look at these drops to determine if they will actually help with weight loss, or if this is just another scam product designed to cash in on the fact that so many people want to lose weight.

List Of Ingredients

HCG Platinum uses the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, or HCG as the primary active ingredient.

Product Features

HCG Platinum is a brand name of the HCG drops that are commonly touted as a weight loss remedy. The concept of placing the drops on your tongue along with a reduced calorie diet is what the product uses to guarantee its weight loss. By faking the body into believing it’s pregnant, it will start burning more energy to prepare itself for the baby’s growth and development. The hormone may cause mood swings and depression. It claims to be scientifically proven to help with weight loss, though the FDA says it is not safe for this purpose. The FDA approves it for use in fertility and boosting testosterone levels in men.

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  • The drops are easy to administer and store.


  • HCG is a hormone released during pregnancy to put fat to use as energy to prepare for the baby’s growth and development.
  • HCG has some potentially bad side effects; can cause mood swings and depression.
  • HCG drops use a very low calorie diet, at around 500 calories per day, which is not healthy. Restricting the diet that much can lead to a backfire effect where the metabolism slows down to hold on to all the nutrients it gets, and may cause weight gain after the reduced calorie diet is stopped. It can also lead to dizziness, confusion, feeling tired, etc.
  • This product comes with no guarantees, so if you spend money on it and it doesn’t work, it’s wasted money..


HCG Platinum and other HCG drops are dangerous. They use a hormone that may disrupt the body, and greatly restrict the calorie intake. This can cause major issues for people, and will not make it easy to lose the weight. Instead of only consuming 25% of the daily recommended calories, we recommend eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and taking a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant supplement. This is a much healthier and safer approach because there are many supplements out there that are safe for consumption.

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  • 1
    mable bradford

    I would like to know how can I order some of the hcg platinum with hormone in it.


  • 2

    i have lost 14lbs in 3 weeks i am very happy,.. however i do have been very moody and people irritate me..



    What diet did you do & what excersice?


  • 3

    I lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks & 3 inches around mid-section. However, Hy husband has told me that I speak so rudely. People irritate me if they are within 4 feet of me. My 11 year old son was being an angel,sitting on the couch with me. I was so aggitated that I thought I was going to scream or explode. I will keep on a well balanced, low calorie diet,but not so sure that those around me can tolerate my continuing the drops.


  • 4

    I have been usin this product for 2 weeks now. I had occasional headaches the first week. Since starting them, I have gradually become more irritable. 3 days ago I realized that my 11 year old was just so annoying. All he was doing was sitting be me being his sweet self. Today, my husband snapped at me stating,”You could be a little more rude, but I don’t think it’s possible”. I thought I was being my ususal joyful self. Upon further evaluation, I don’t think that I have been a pleasant person since I started the drops. I am normal a social person. I have not wanted to leave the house since I started it. I did loose 6 lbs & 3 inches in my mid-section. I can’t take it at night to hopefully sleep through the grumpiness, because it buzzes me enough that I can’t sleep. I will continue on a healthy diet, but will probably say goodbye to the drops in order to save my marriage in hopes that my son will not remember the sadistic Mom that I feel like right now.


  • 5

    I have took HCG Platinum for 3 wks until I ran out I have lost 16 pound in that time and I’m doing it without the drops now until I can afford more. In a month I have lost 30 pounds. I never was able to do that Ilove HCG it showed me how to eat right and I feel great. If I had the money I would buy it again I still have a long way to go but this really works


  • 6

    I am on Day 5 of the HCG PLATINUM diet. So far, I have lost 5 lb. I have not been sticking to the diet completely but have been staying low in calories. I have mild headaches but it’s something I can live with. Last night, I started spotting and now I’m concerned because I’ve already had my menstural cycle for the month. Help?


  • 7

    I took HCG for the full 42 days. Always check with your doctor I swear by the program. I did cheat a little here and I still lost over 30 pounds. I am getting ready to start it again. As with anything it is just re-training yourself and being mentally prepared. I did not suffer any side effects and would recommend this to anyone who is healthy.


  • 8

    I just bought HCG Platinum but the booklet was not in box. could you tell me what foods you can eat on it?


  • 9

    I am taking the HCG Platinum right now. I have lost 8 lbs in 6 days! It is awesome. I injured my knee a while ago and cant exercise the way I used to to maintain my weight. I am now on my way to loosing the weight to get me back into the proper form. I have noticed that if i stick to the strict diet and keep it close to 500 calories, i loose weight, if I cheat or vary my diet, I dont loose as much. Over all Im very pleased and will do it till the end. NO SIDE effects noticed. I exercise 3 times a week on it.


  • 10

    Took it for 30 days, it put me into severe depression and panic attacks. Dont recommend this


  • 11
    Will Harris

    I have been using HCG since Dec. 2nd. What a test of wills over the holidays. However, I have lost a total of 37 lb.s in five weeks since starting it. I was skeptical at first but am now totally surprised. I am shooting to lose another 25 lb.s before stopping it. By Jan 31st I will have met my goal. And absolutely NO exersize involved. Wahoo


  • 12
    Randall Spencer

    I used HCG Platinum for 30 days and lost 26 pounds. I followed the eating plan and cheated a little here and there but still had great success. The only side affects I had were loss of weight. I can hardly believe anyone would have any of those crazy side affects I read earlier. HCG works well with a good diet plan.


    Joy Wurdemann

    Dear Randall, hello! I was just wondering how long you were taking the HCG drops before you started noticing any weight loss? I am very skeptical, and have read mostly good and positive testimonials about HCG but would like to get your opinion on it personally. Please email me and let me know how it worked for you as I am just starting them. Thanks so much! Joy


    Lindsay F



  • 13
    Dreamboat Annie

    I lost a pound a day for the first week that I took the product. I didn’t exercise or restrict my diet. At week two I started reducing my calories and continued to loose weight but I also had some nagging side affects. I was very dizzy, somewhat nauseous. At week three my appetite diminished severly. But even more side affects plagued me. I had horrible mood swings and a particularly frightening bout of depression that left me crying uncontrollably for hours. I finally had to terminated the diet plan to try to regain my health. I might consider using the drops again, but only under a doctors supervision. It did seem to remove stubborn fat from problem areas, and left the remaining fat in those areas softer, less “embedded” feeling. Use cautiously


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