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HCG Xtreme Diet is one of the many HCG based weight loss products on the market today. With HCG, companies claim you can lose as much as one to two pounds a day, which is why many people look to these products to reach their weight loss goals. Read this review to find out more about how this product works to decide whether or not you want to use it as part of your weight loss regimen.

List of IngredientsHCG Xtreme Diet does not provide a full list of ingredients for our review, but we see HCG and some amino acids discussed on the official product website.

Product Features

HCG Xtreme Diet is a fairly standard HCG drop diet. You are supposed to take the drops several times a day, while maintaining a very low calorie intake diet. This diet promotes eating no more than 500 calories a day. This will likely leave you feeling very hungry and tired. This is supposed to allow the HCG drops to release 1500 to 4000 calories worth of fat from your fat stores every day. The more calories you eat, the less your body will release from fat stores. The product promotes one to two pounds of weight loss a day, but the realistic average is 20 pounds a month, or a little under half a pound a day. You can follow this diet as long as you want, but it is likely that once you resume eating a normal amount of calories every day, you will see some weight gain.

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  • HCG Xtreme Diet may help provide quick weight loss.


  • HCG Xtreme Diet uses the HCG hormone which is related to pregnancy, not weight loss.
  • Rapid weight loss is generally not long term weight loss.
  • Eating so few calories per day can make the program hard to stick to.
  • There is no official list of ingredients.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee on this product.


HCG Xtreme Diet is not a good product for those who are looking to lose weight safe and healthy way. Drastically lowering your caloric intake will not only leave you feeling hungry and tired, but it can also slow the metabolism down, which will not only prevent weight loss, but can make it harder in the long run. This product may not be safe for men, as it uses the pregnancy hormone. You may experience side effects that make you feel like you are pregnant. Instead of this product, we recommend something that is clinically proven safe and effective that works as an appetite suppressant and/or fat burner. Combine this supplement with a nutritionally balanced, slightly reduced caloric diet and regular exercise program and you have the best chance for long term success.

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