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Healing with Whole Foods is a commonly used reference book for acupuncture students. It teaches about the importance and strength of Chinese medicine, while also placing a serious focus on nutrition. Beyond the information presented in the text, there is also a collection of more than 300 recipes that are designed to help you lose weight and improve your health.

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Healing with Whole Foods is based on making the change from the traditional American diet packed with caffeine, meat, dairy, alcohol and processed foods, to a whole vegetarian diet with Chinese medicine. The diet, though restrictive, is meant to help you improve your health and learn how to treat and cure certain conditions through your diet rather than conventional medicine. The book discusses the principles of food combining, or eating certain foods together, to address several issues in terms of health and appetite. The book also contains a good bit of information on female health, pregnancy, fasting and more. It is important to read this book with a slightly different mindset, especially when it comes to the definition of the word “sweet.” The Chinese consider “sweet” to be something very different from what the American people call it. The overall point of this book is to show you how to make the change to a completely vegetarian diet to improve your health and lose weight. Only a small section of the book is dedicated to losing weight, but there is also information for people with children who want to learn more about how to get them eating healthy.

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  • Healing with Whole Foods contains over 300 healthy recipes to give you variety.
  • This book gives you a decent amount of information about nutrition and Chinese medicine.


  • Healing with Whole Foods features recipes, but no meal plan.
  • This book makes no mention of exercise.
  • The diet, if you choose to follow it is highly restrictive.
  • Some of the ingredients in Chinese medicine are hard to find and obtain here in America.


Healing with Whole Foods does provide readers with a valuable amount of information on health and nutrition, but it gives readers a diet that is very strict and hard to maintain over the long term. There are ways you can maintain a diet that contains some of the “forbidden” ingredients and foods, while still losing weight. No matter how you intend to lose weight and the diet you follow, you should also include a reasonable amount of physical activity, through both cardiovascular workouts and strength training. Beyond diet and exercise, you should also consider taking a clinically proven weight loss supplement that contains either a fat burner or appetite suppressant.

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    Actually it does mention working out, it says to try and work out for 1hour a day. Also it gives you the resources to create your own meal plan instead of giving you fake food, shakes, that are full of preservatives. It’s teaching people how to be healthy instead of trying to sell them diet pills and bogus freezable entrees. It gives you the insight to rely on how you are feeling, rather than telling you what times to eat.