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Health Food
Popular opinion has turned against the foods of the Western world. The common dieting habits of the average North American include unsavory amounts of processed foods, empty carbohydrates, and horrific malnutrition. We’re poisoning ourselves.

Savvy dieters are doing their homework, going against the grain of big business foodie advertising and discovering the right way to eat. Increased vegetable consumption, pomegranites, eastern foods, wheatgrass, oatmeal, and organics are common health food buzz words.

But what’s the right way to eliminate processed foods and ensure total body health through proper nutrition? You’ve found the right place to get your answer. On this page, you’ll find a comprehensive list of reviews for almost all the major health foods out there. Based on the info you’ll find here, you can plan your diet, ensuring success in your long term health and nutrition goals.

Be advised that there are plenty of sharks in the water when it comes to health foods. There’s no “miracle food” that will prevent you from getting diseases, or make up for that Arby’s roast beef sandwich you ate last night. Health is a total commitment: your body will be as healthy as you keep it. Ensuring proper nutrition and whole health is your responsibility.

In addition, this page will help you to see the “fads” that threaten to disrupt the health food industry. Not all health foods promote longevity and mental acuity. Fads come and go—great nutrition’s value never changes, however.

Enjoy clicking around and learning about what health foods have to offer as you prepare for your journey toward long life and total body health.

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