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Editor's Review: 3.8 / 5.0

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Health Magazine is an almost-monthly (10 issues per year) print and online magazine focusing on health and wellness issues, including healthy eating, exercise, prevention, and natural treatments. In its online version, Health Magazine also has an extensive collection of articles on diseases that you can browse by category.

One useful feature in the online version of Health Magazine is the Symptom Checker tool. You input a symptom or choose one from the list and it comes up with a list of possible causes for that symptom. For example, I typed in “heel pain” and nine different conditions came up in the search window, including plantar fasciitis- the condition I have. The site then provides links to articles on diagnoses and treatment of the condition.

The print version of Health Magazine costs around $13 for 10 issues per year and less if you subscribe for a longer period of time. You can access the Health Magazine online site for free.


The Health Magazine is made up of helpful weight loss tools and articles on how to stay healthy and lose weight.

Product Features

Health Magazine has a lot to offer those who are trying to burn fat and lose weight. In each month’s issue, there are articles about eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight. Exercise articles are accompanied by full-color pictures detailing each step of the exercise to ensure that your form is optimized. Articles on eating frequently include tested recipes, most of which are compiled by registered dietitians and include calorie and nutrient counts.

There is also a wealth of information presented regularly on the so-called “superfoods”: foods that are packed with essential nutrients and amino acids that can significantly improve our health. These include salmon, blueberries, green tea, almonds, and other nutrient-dense foods.

The only caution we found about Health Magazine is that you do not always know who wrote the article and what their credentials are. Many consumers like to know the source of information they read in magazines and newspapers to determine how reliable that information might be. Although Health Magazine most likely has a health professional have a final read over all articles prior to publication, we would prefer that all writers’ credentials are identified in each article.

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  • Useful repository of health-related information.
  • Relatively low cost.


  • Many articles written by professional writers rather than doctors
  • Some articles are more tabloid-related than medical


Health Magazine is a great resource for those looking to live more healthy and lose extra pounds. It has a variety of subjects and articles that will appeal to both men and women in all age groups. At around $1.30 per issue, it represents a good value compared to other competitive health magazines. The first two issues are at no cost so you can try out the magazine risk-free.

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