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Health Plus Colon Cleanse is a fiber supplement that claims to be help support colon health. Most colon cleansers contain fiber and a natural laxative to push toxins out of the body, but Health Plus Colon Cleanse contains only fiber. The source of fiber in the supplement will support colon health and normal bowel movements, but there are also health concerns associated with fiber intake. The supplement sells for $12 from GNC and other online vitamin retailers.

List of Ingredients

Psyllium Husk.

Product Features

Many over the counter fiber supplements contain psyllium husk. Health Plus Colon Cleanse contains 7 grams of psyllium husk per serving. This is relatively low compared to other colon cleansing and healthy colon supplements. Psyllium is a bulk-forming laxative, so dieters need to drink one glass of water with the supplement and plenty of water throughout the day. If water is not consumed with the supplement it can blow up in the throat and restrict breathing.

Psyllium should not be taken within two hours of other medications or supplements. It can reduce the effectiveness of medications causing dangerous side effects. It is best to take Health Plus Colon Cleanse two hours before medications or two hours after medications to stop this potential interaction.

Psyllium husk can cause constipation if the dieter does not drink enough water. Bulk-forming laxatives ball up in the intestine by collecting water. The ball then scrubs down the intestinal lining as it moves out of the body. Lots of water is needed to keep the intestine lubricated.

Laxatives should not be used long-term or for weight loss. Any weight lost when taking this supplement is water weight or weight from excess waste. Fat loss does not occur when taking psyllium.

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  • The supplement cost is comparable to other fiber supplements.
  • Will help keep the colon healthy.
  • Does not contain stimulant laxatives.


  • No weight loss ingredients.
  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Can cause negative side effects like gas and bloating.
  • Should not be taken within two hours of medications.


There are hundreds of psyllium supplements like Health Plus Colon Cleanse on the market. These supplements work as bulk-forming laxatives, but they also support healthy colon function by helping remove waste from the intestines. Gas and bloating can be painful if too much fiber is taken at one time. It is best to start with a half dose and work up to a full dose over time.

If a dieter wants to lose weight, supplements with green tea, caffeine and chromium may help. Fiber can reduce hunger, but only when taken within 30 minutes of a meal. At this time, the fiber slows digestion causing the dieter to feel fuller, longer.

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    which is the prefer to take colon cleanse how long befer or after the meals,?