Health Rider H75t Treadmill Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Health Rider H75t Treadmill retails for $799, more expensive than most home treadmills. With the increased price, the dieter gains a lot of cool features and an increased maximum user weight. Dieters weighing more than 250 pounds have a hard time finding treadmills for home use, because home models are not manufactured from the same sturdy materials as commercial models. Health Rider aims to solve that problem with a sturdy design, but does it have everything the dieter needs to keep workouts fun and productive?

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Home treadmill by Health Rider.

Product Features

The specifications for the Health Rider H75t Treadmill are quite amazing. The unit comes with 15 preset workouts, the ability to incline from 1% to 10%, one touch speed adjustment from 1 MPH to 10 MPH, 20-inch wide by 55-inch long deck and iPod compatibility. The heart rate monitor uses dual grip technology and it accommodates iFit cards for workout variety. A 2.5 HP motor and soft cushioned deck round out the Health Rider H75t Treadmill specifications.

While the Health Rider H75t Treadmill offers plenty of custom features for the user, not every user will enjoy working out on a treadmill on a daily basis. Home fitness equipment is often purchased for weight loss, but dieters don’t think ahead before purchasing and end up allowing the treadmill to sit in the corner after a few weeks use.

Diet and weight training are two important elements to weight loss not covered by the Health Rider. Dieters need to choose a reduced calorie diet plan and weight training workout before starting a home fitness program. Walking is free and offers the same physical workout as a treadmill. For the price of the Health Rider H75t Treadmill, the dieter could join a local gym for up to three years, gaining access to classes, commercial grade cardio equipment and weight training equipment.

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  • Preset workouts keep workouts lively.
  • iFit compatibility allows the dieter to change workouts as needed.
  • Compatible with an iPod.


  • Dieters must be dedicated to working out.
  • The price is higher than most dieters would like to pay for a treadmill.
  • May not be any more effective than walking.


Treadmills and other home fitness equipment gives the dieter and fitness buff a means of working out at home when it is raining. This is the only advantage of a treadmill over walking. For the price, the dieter may want to look into a local gym where classes are offered and weight training equipment is provided. Paying nearly $800 for one piece of equipment is far more expensive than joining a gym. The consumer must assemble the treadmill, which could be too difficult for some.

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