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Healthcentral, owned and operated by Healthcentral Network Inc., is a website that is dedicated to providing information on diseases and conditions. It offers a little bit of information on weight loss, but that is not the focus of this website. Healthcentral was created by an emergency room doctor named Dr. Ash Nashed in the late 1990′s. Nashed claims that this site was created to help educate people about different diseases and conditions so that they could better manage them. Healthcentral states that any adult can use this website for information regardless of age, gender, fitness level or ailment.

Product Features

Healthcentral hosts a large variety of articles on just about every disease and condition as well as some articles on weight loss and fitness. This website also provides links to health centers so that users can try to find the one that is right for them and their ailment. There is also a video library that users can turn to for additional information. Healthcentral has an option where users can check their symptoms to try to match them to a condition or disease. This website also offers numerous informational resources as well as answers to many popular health questions. Healthcentral also has several different health tools that users can use to help assess their situation. This website also has an option for users to “connect” with a medical expert so that they can ask questions and get the help and support that they need to fully assess their situation.

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  • Those seeking information on Healthcentral do not have to be a member nor do they have to pay any fees.
  • Those seeking information on symptoms will find this site easy to use.


  • Healthcentral does not offer detailed information on weight loss.
  • This website does not discuss natural remedies.
  • Healthcentral does not offer any information on weight loss supplements with the ability to burn fat or suppress the appetite.
  • Overall, the website is hard to navigate.
  • Healthcentral does not offer assistance in creating a diet and exercise routine.


Healthcentral doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the multi-purpose health websites available today. Healthcentral may not be an ideal weight loss option for those who seeking information on fat burning or appetite suppressing supplements because this website does not discuss this. This website mainly focuses on diseases and conditions so those seeking a weight loss program will most likely not benefit from this website. Those seeking weight loss should aim to develop a healthy and complete diet and exercise program that they can stick with long-term. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using Healthcentral is right for them.

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    HealthCentral banned me… what I did? I replyed to some questions about MS making people aware that Paolo Zamboni, a cardiologist, reverted successfully many patients and is conducting a national sperimantation in Italy with interesting results. I made them notice as well that Therry Wahls MD reverted completely a secondary MS on herself and sperimented successful revertion on 8 pateints out of 9 as well.
    HealthCentral does not seems to really care for they user health… whatever is the reson they banned me, they didn’t care about those MS patients that could have hope because of great doctors around the world.