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HealthDiscovery is a website that features a Weight Watchers support network, but it is not officially a Weight Watchers website. It, like Weight Watchers, focuses on helping those who are following a point-based diet. Those who use HealthDiscovery can participate in chat rooms and message boards so that they can interact with others as well as get support and give support to others. This website also offers tips on weight loss, diet and a little exercise as well as several articles dedicated to these topics. Those who are members of Weight Watchers will most likely be the only ones to truly benefit from the HealthDiscovery website.

Product Features

HealthDiscovery offers users the chance to interact with other users through a support chat forum as well as a live chat room. This website also provides several different success stories for users to read and gain motivation from. HealthDiscovery also has a section which they provide links to websites where users can buy different cook books and health and fitness books to help them with their weight loss. Users will also have access to articles that offer information on diet and weight loss. This website offers very little information on exercise, but there is are a few articles about it.

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  • Users can get and give support in the provided message boards and chat rooms.
  • There are some recipes posted on the HealthDiscovery website.
  • Users can use this website for free and it encourages community interaction.


  • HealthDiscovery does not provide any information on exercise.
  • This website does not discuss any natural supplements.
  • HealthDiscovery does not provide any information on weight loss supplements that offer fat burning or appetite suppression.
  • There is no background information posted about the company.
  • The point system that is stated to be used on HealthDiscovery is not clearly explained and it does not go into detail.
  • Those who are not on Weight Watchers or similar diet plans will most likely not benefit from this website.
  • There seem to be several technical issues with the HealthDiscovery website.


HealthDiscovery doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the multi-purpose health and weight loss websites available today. HealthDiscovery may not be an ideal weight loss option for those who seeking information on fat burning or appetite suppressing supplements because this website does not discuss this. This website mainly focuses on diseases and conditions so those seeking a weight loss program will most likely not benefit from this website. Those seeking weight loss should aim to develop a healthy and complete diet and exercise program that they can stick with long-term. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using HealthDiscovery is right for them.

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