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Healthy Chef Creations is an organic meal delivery system that delivers throughout the United States. Meals are prepared using healthy, organic ingredients. Dieters can choose the Organic Weight Loss options to simplify weight loss. The two weight loss plans available from Healthy Chef Creations are the 5-day and 7-day program. The price is listed as “all inclusive” so we assume there is no shipping cost. One day’s meal includes breakfast with two sides, detox energy shake, salad or wrap for lunch, snack, dinner with two sides and a healthy dessert.

List of Ingredients

Organic meal delivery service for weight loss.

Product Features

The Healthy Chef Creations website offers weekly menu plans for weight loss using organic ingredients. The sample breakfast menu includes recipes like roasted vegetable omelet and tomato and cheddar quiche. Lunch may be an Asian wrap or Italian Tuscany salad. Dinner menus include Mediterranean Chicken Scaloppini and Organic Grilled Filet Mignon. There are vegetarian and children’s entrees available as well.

The major push of Healthy Chef Creations is organic ingredients and unique recipes. The dieter will not find the same old menu selections available from every other meal delivery company, but the price reflects the menu selections. If the dieter wants to try out the service for 7 days, they can expect to pay more than $400. The website lists the 8- and 12-week plans as the best value. These are priced $3,200 and $4,700, respectively. Paying nearly $5,000 for three months of food is simply not affordable for most people in the United States. Healthy Chef Creations is tailored to the upper elite class of people who can afford to spend nearly more than $1,500 a month on food for one person.

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  • Prepared meals require no calorie counting.
  • Delivered to anyone in the United States.
  • Unique recipes set Healthy Chef Creations apart from competitors.
  • The all-inclusive price includes shakes, snacks and meals.


  • The program is very costly.
  • Most dieters cannot afford more than $1,500 a month.
  • No mention of exercise for weight loss.
  • Dieters must look at each meal for nutritional information.


Healthy Chef Creations includes some of the most interesting recipes we have come across in a meal delivery system. Ingredients are organic and all-natural with an emphasis on detox and health. Weight loss is simple with prepared meals, but dieters wishing to follow a Healthy Chef Creations plan must be willing to spend at least $400 for the minimum package. Ordering more weeks on the plan decreases the daily price, but the cheapest price is still more expensive than eating healthy foods at home. Dieters with a limited income may wish to choose a different meal delivery company.

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2 User Reviews about Healthy Chef Creations

  • 1
    Michael Murray

    Hello! I was initially excited and interested in this review of healthy chef creations with the expectation that it was going to compare against other organic food delivery services, but was disappointed to see that it didn’t. Is there a listing of other organic food delivery services that directly compete with healthy chef and if so, do they have reviews of them as well? Specifically, I am looking for a more affordable option. Thank you! Best -Michael Murray


  • 2

    I absolutely love these meals. To be honest I thought they would be fairly bland & tasteless because usually meal deliveries are but I have been pleasantly surprised. I have a 6 month old & my husband is out of town for 3 weeks so I was searching for an easy alternative to cooking for myself. This has been so easy, I wish I had have ordered these meals for when the baby first came home. It really would have made life so much simpler. The meals are really yummy, I can’t wait to see what I am having for the next meal. I ordered the 1500 calorie plan & I feel like I am eating more than I do usually & I know I was eating many more calories than 1500… I can’t have dairy & you catered to this & taste wasn’t sacrificed.
    When my husband returns home we are thinking about ordering the 2 week trail program for him so that he can try it.
    So excited to have found you guys!