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You’ve heard the saying, “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”? Well the folks at Healthy Fix say that if it’s broke or needs attention, they have the fix. What we’re going to focus on is the weight management products of Healthy Fix. In reviewing their website, we found a host of products – 18 in all – designed to help you keep your weight under control and provide you with the energy and strength to keep in there. From 3-day cleanses to muscle building to hair and nail strengthening remedies, Healthy Fix seems to provide a product for anything one would need to “fix”. Let’s look a little closer at what they have to offer.

List of Ingredients

Some of the products on the website outline, with little detail, the ingredients used in the product. Most of the products do not offer any ingredient identification.

Product Features

It is well documented that losing weight safely and keeping it off is more than just physical. One must also have the right mind set to accomplish their goals. This is where the product line of Healthy Fix may be able to assist. Not only does Healthy Fix offer cleanses and fat burners to help you shed your unwanted weight, but they also offer products that are designed to help your mind feel more positive and get you motivated to accomplish your weight loss goals. A very nice feature about Healthy Fix’s website is the in-depth information that each product provides. Many retailers provide similar products, but provide no solid information about how the product works. We liked the fact that Healthy Fix provides solid information that is easy to read and understand. Not only do they provide the benefits of the products, but they are also responsible in giving information on what to watch out for.

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  • Full line of products for weight and strength management.
  • Most products provide in-depth information about the benefits of the product and how or why they work.


  • There are no testimonials about any of the products.
  • The return policy is a little vague and does not indicate if they accept opened products for return.
  • Lack of ingredient identification in products.


Healthy Fix seems to provide just about everything one would need for a healthy weight loss program. They also encourage that one should visit their health care professional before starting a weight loss program. The pricing of their products is a little on the high side, making it a little difficult for everyone to take advantage of the products they have to offer. The detailed information about the products is a plus and not something that most websites or manufacturers offer for their products. The website does fall a little short in the weight management area in that it does not offer suggestions for healthy eating or exercise.

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