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Healthy Heart Meals is a weight loss system that aims to teach healthy habits while delivering healthy meals to dieters. Meal delivery systems make it easier for a dieter to lose weight as long as they follow the program and eat only allowed foods between meals. The Healthy Heart Meals program delivers on Tuesdays and Fridays each week, so the dieter is never stuck with a month’s worth of food at one time. Meal plans are priced based on the number of days on the plan and how many meals delivered per week. Plans listed on the Healthy Heart Meals website include 90-Day ($35.99 per day), 60-Day ($37.99 per day), 30-Day ($39.99 per day) and 15-Day ($44.99 per day). The service can be cancelled at any time, but the dieter will be charged cancellation fees and they could be charged more than the listed price for the program if cancelled before the end date.

List of Ingredients

Healthy, prepared weight loss meals delivered twice a week.

Product Features

There are three levels on the Healthy Heart Meals plan – Level 1, Level 2 and Maintenance. Level 1 is delivered during the first six weeks on the plan. Level 2 is delivered until weight loss goals are reached and Maintenance is delivered when the dieter wants to continue using the program to keep weight off. Meals delivered on the plan include cottage cheese with fruit, chicken salad lettuce wraps, pesto chicken and vegetables, apple walnut pancakes with turkey bacon and lite maple syrup and gypsy chicken schnitzel with roasted potatoes and Riviera broccoli. The dieter can choose different meals for every day of the week, or the same meals over and over again.

The pricing plans available through Healthy Heart Meals are more expensive than other companies. At a rate of $35 per day, the 90-Day program would cost nearly $3,000. Dieters can purchased frozen diet meals every day and spend far less than that.

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  • Pricing and meal selection online.
  • Delivery multiple days a week.
  • Prepackaged meal plans allow the dieter to eat without counting calories.


  • Only available in certain areas.
  • Very expensive.


The Healthy Heart Meals plan is ideal for the dieter who wants to eat healthy, delicious food without having to keep track of calories and fat. The plan is not cheap so few dieters will have the funds to sign up for bi-weekly delivery. If a dieter learns how to cook with low calorie ingredients and workout three to five days a week, weight loss can be extremely inexpensive. The Healthy Heart Meals program comes with fees for cancelling early and the company reserves the right to charge higher daily prices for early cancellation.

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