Healthy Living With Ellie Review

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Healthy Living With Ellie

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Healthy Living with Ellie is a comprehensive fitness and lifestyle program that is tailor-made to suit each person. Ellie Krieger is a well-known chef on the popular Food Network Channel, but her list of accomplishments encompasses much more than this. She has a Bachelors Degree with honors in clinical nutrition from Cornell University and a Masters in nutrition education from Columbia. She has also performed as an adjunct professor at the New York University Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health.

Healthy Living with Ellie takes a three-pronged approach. The program is divided into a meal plan, exercise plan and a stress management plan, and all three aspects are custom fit to match your individual needs.

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Product Features

The website uses information gathering forms that ask questions about your eating habits, exercise routines (if any), current and goal weight and sex and age. All this information is then used to give you access to a personalized program and a series of online tools to support your goals.

The meal plans include three main meals and two snacks per day. The exercise program contains suggestions to suit your level of fitness as well as your schedule (if you stated you could exercise three times a week for one hour for instance). The wellness aspect of Healthy Living with Ellie consists of a series of stress management tips and ideas.

The online tools include access to hundreds of recipes, a personalized meal plan, a food log and weight tracker, a shopping list tool and calorie counter and an online journal and progress tracker. The cost of the plan is $5 per week, but you are billed every quarter (or 13 weeks).

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  • Ellie Krieger is a registered dietician as well as a celebrity chef, so the meal plans include a combination of the best of both worlds.
  • The program is safe for all types of people, including diabetics and people with specific nutritional requirements because it is custom built by a trained dietician.
  • The program offers extensive online support tools, from grocery shopping guides to eating out guides and calorie counters. There are also motivational tools such as the weekly progress tracker.
  • Healthy Living with Ellie is offers good value for money considering you are getting the expert advice of a highly qualified person as well as all the tools included.


  • The site does not give upfront information about the cost of the plan. You need to enter your basic information first (your name, e-mail address, height, current weight, goal weight and sex) and then you get a prompt to pay for the plan.
  • The program is a lifestyle change. This could create a dependence on the site for tracking tools and exercise advice, which in turn means the cost over time has the potential to be high.


Healthy Living with Ellie is an easy to follow system for overall health and wellbeing. It does not involve counting points (like the famous WeightWatchers Program) but it puts the focus on solid concepts of eating right, exercising and managing stress.

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