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Healthy ‘N Fit

What You Should Know

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Healthy ‘N Fit is a distributor of Bios Life Products and franchise holder under the Unicity Company. Healthy ‘N Fit is owned by Judy Stone, a licensed and trained professional in the field of behavioral health. Judy Stone left her former profession after experiencing some health problems and sought a way to have a more balanced life. She was recommended to use the Bios Life2 product for her cholesterol levels and found in it both a health solution as well as a business.

Healthy ‘N Fit is the result of this venture and the site provides a portal not just for the sale of the Bios Life line of products, but a means for becoming a franchise holder as well.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

Bios Life offers an extensive product offering. There are three main products:

  • Bios Life Slim, which is a nutritional supplement that is taken before meals to burn fat at an increased rate,
  • Bios Life E, which is used for increased energy and comes in the form of one drink for physical energy and another for mental energy, and
  • Bios Life C, which is used to manage cholesterol levels and also aids in digestive and immune functions.

The Bios Life line also has several other products that treat or support other areas of health and wellness such as: BoneMatePlus for strong bones and joints, a men’s health and women’s health formula as well as a host of anti-aging products, among others.

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  • Healthy ‘N Fit offers a host of Bios Life products for several common health ailments as well as weight loss products.
  • Healthy ‘N Fit is also linked to a franchise opportunity, so there is a chance to earn money while using products that improve your health.
  • The products offered by Healthy ‘N Fit are made from all natural ingredients.
  • There is a 60 day money-back guarantee on the site for all consumable products, so there is a reduced risk related to trying a product out.
  • Once on the shopping page the products each have a detailed product description (opens out in a PDF document) as well as a list of ingredients.


  • You do not purchase the products directly from the Healthy ‘N Fit website, but instead you are taken to the main Unicity Site which is a bit confusing. The two sites are completely different and the switch can make you disoriented to the point that you may need to start your search over.
  • There are no free samples given away on either site to test a product before you commit.


Healthy ‘N Fit is backed by a large company (Unicity) and has an extensive line of products courtesy the Bios Life line. The products are all complete with extensive descriptions although there is a disclaimer that the statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Health ‘N Fit line of products may be worth a try if you find one that addresses you particular need; however, it is always advisable to comparison shop before you purchase.

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