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Healthy Natural Systems is a supplement company based in Florida which sells weight loss solutions as well as products designed to improve overall health and well being. The company has a small product line, but assures dieters all of the products are effective. We will look closely at the claims to see if this company can stand behind them.

List of Ingredients


  • Healthy Natural Systems is a supplement distributor focusing on weight loss solutions.

Product Features

Healthy Natural Systems provides weight loss solutions to dieters of all fitness levels. The company also focuses on supplements relating to focus, energy, superfoods, heart health, digestive health and sexual health. Each of the products on the website features a product description as additional information relating to purchase. Dieters have the ability to make purchases on the official website.

We noticed all of the products claimed to be clinically tested, but there was no information supporting this claim. This is a big deal to many dieters. They deserve to know if a product they are taking is effective and will work or if it is just another product in the long list of supplements which is a waste of money.

One thing which is clearly stated on the website is the contact information. You may not find information you are looking for relating to the product, but you will find ways to contact the customer care department.

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  • The company provides several ways to connect with the customer support department in order to ask questions or voice concerns.
  • Customers can order products on the website.


  • The ingredients were listed in a proprietary blend.
  • There were no links to clinical trial.
  • Healthy Natural Systems does not provide information relating to scientific research.
  • There are no prices listed on the official website.


A misconception in the fitness world is the word healthy. Just because a company has healthy in the name, does not make for a company which services the needs of the dieter, especially the dieter looking for a product to increase weight loss and improve overall health and well-being. We looked through all of the product categories available on the Healthy Natural Systems website and product after product contained misleading information. The products claimed to increase weight loss through increased fat-burning, claimed to increase mental focus and increase overall health and wellbeing. We even encountered a product encouraging dieters to use a product if they “cheat” on their diet, instead of providing healthy ways to curb appetite.

The one good thing we noticed about Healthy Natural Systems was the inclusion of proven weight loss ingredients such as green tea, chromium and caffeine. The unfortunate side of the inclusion of proven ingredients was the amount in each product. There was either a small amount or the ingredients were listed in a proprietary blend.

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