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Healthy Solutions is a diet pack that is part of the HMR at Home Healthy Success weight loss plan. The system delivers food to your door from their specially prepared menu that you select from. Healthy solutions comes in a lactose free variation as well for anyone who is lactose intolerant. The Healthy Success program claims to be medically based and proven Health Management Resource diet program for weight loss. The program has some customer testimonials that write about success with the program. The weight loss system is offered online or in the clinics and hospitals around the country. All of the classes, regardless of where they are held provide the same information and food to encourage weight loss. The user of the program can save time and money utilizing the HMR at Home diet program. You will not have to prepare traditional meals or shop for long lists of groceries under this program. The sign up for the program is easy. The HMR at home program will send you a customized Healthy Solutions diet kit every two weeks after the first order. The first kit is usually available at a slight discount to welcome you into the system. The food is shipped to you free of shipping charges.

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The Healthy Solutions diet kits are low in salt. According to their official website, the kit foods typically contain “2 gms (or 2000 mgs) of sodium or less daily. A single serving of HMR 120 is 230 mg., clearly within the guidelines of a low salt diet. However, it depends on how many items are consumed. It also depends on how the fruit and vegetables are prepared.”

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  • This is a complete nutritionally based system that comes delivered to your door.
  • Encourages healthy eating.
  • Saves time and possibly money depending on your typical food bill.
  • No shipping charges.
  • Several menu options to choose from.
  • There is a lactose free version of the food kits.


  • No exercise component.
  • Initial set up is expensive.
  • There is a slight delay between sign up time and receiving the first shipment.


The Healthy Solutions Diet and nutrition program is nutritionally sound and works by balancing the diet. The caloric intake is restricted through portion sizes. The dieter will save time because no meal preparation will be required as with traditional meals. The menu offers a wide variety of food. The food arrives at your door free of shipping charges but there is a delay between the sign up time and the arrival of the first kit. This may be not be motivating for some people.

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    I purcshased Healthy Solutions for Vitality Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA. I started on 4/10/13 taking 2 capsules daily. I have notice a daily 2 lb increase in my weight. Please tell me what’s going on? Does your capsules have a ingredient that affecting my body and healthy? Please contact me ASAP. Concerned and worried