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The main reason why most diets fail is that people are simply unable or unwilling to change their eating and exercise habits. Let’s face it many of us try to avoid strenuous, time consuming exercise at all costs. If we do manage to start a program, we soon get bored, can’t seem to fit it in to our schedules and we end up putting it off until next years resolution, then the cycle repeats itself. We can no longer use the excuse that there is no support. Since we hit the internet age, thousands of websites have popped up which aim to help women in the fight against disease, with social issues, with beauty tips and ah yes the ever present obesity issue. One such website is Let’s dive further into this site to see if we can find any tips or plans that just may help us in our plight.

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The Healthy Woman website contains information on women’s healthcare, menstrual problems and disorders, a PMS treatment center, infertility, menopause, healthy reductions, cosmetic surgery and osteoporosis. Although Healthy Woman addresses many women’s health issues, for the sake of this review, we will discuss the weight loss plan offered on the website. Healthy Reductions is a weight loss program which promises to not only help women lose 10 pounds in three days but keep it off. The program includes an exercise program and each patient is monitored and supervised by a physician. The program is individualized according to each person’s unique eating and lifestyle habits. There are no packaged foods or vitamins to buy. The program is marketed as a medical weight loss program however; the Healthy Reductions Diet is posted on the website. After three days, it is suggested that dieters eat normally for four days then go back on the three day diet and repeat the process. The problem is that the diet is very low in calories which are considered to be unhealthy by most standards. There is no variation allowed on the diet so if you don’t like beets, you will not like this plan.

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  • Healthy Woman addresses the problem of obesity that affects a large portion of the population.


  • The Healthy Reductions Diet plan is very low in calories.
  • There is no variation allowed on the diet.


The Healthy Reduction Diet plan will likely appeal to those who want to lose ten pounds fast but this plan is not a practical long term solution. The diet is very low in calories and is considered to be a fad diet according to most diet standards. The diet is very strict and allows no substitution or variation of foods. Two of the three days requires that dieters eat an entire cup of beets! Yuck! Frankly we are surprised that a supposedly physician endorsed program tells dieters to only eat certain foods in order to lose weight. Aren’t these the type of fad diets that we have been told for years to stay away from? A healthy eating plan along with regular daily exercise has proven to be the long term solution to being over weight and improving overall health, let’s give that one a try.

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