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So many people desire to lose weight so much that they are willing to try just about any diet that comes along to do so. But basic logic tells us that a sensible eating plan combined with regular, safe exercise, is the surest way to shedding the unwanted fat and weight that drives us away from in front of the mirror. But how do we go about finding or developing such a plan. The folks at HealZoo.com have developed a website to help you figure it out. For a limited time, one can become a member for $9.95, giving them full access to benefits of the HUFF program. This is a 50% savings on the normal annual membership fee of $19.95. Let’s look at some the ways they say they can help and what benefits membership offers.

List of Ingredients

The HUFF Program offers over 60 customized meal plans plus dozens of natural cures.

Product Features

The HealZoo Ultimate Fat Flush program is designed and supported by its members. The “coaching staff” is made of members who have found effective ways within the program to lose weight and keep it off. The Community Forum section of the website allows members to communicate with each other and offer their methods which they have found successful. The program guarantees that members will burn fat 24 hours per day, seven days a week and will shed at least four pounds of fat per week. However, the website does not allow anyone to view a sampling of the program without first becoming a member. A little insight into the diet plans and exercise programs would be nice for one to view before putting out the money to become a member, especially since we could not find any mention of a “money back guarantee” on the website.

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  • The HUFF program encourages healthy eating and exercise.
  • The 50% off offer makes it easy to try without much investment.


  • One cannot get a sampling of the program without first becoming a member.
  • The only way the website offers contact for questions is though email.
  • There are not testimonials on the website for easy viewing.
  • There does not seem to be a lot of participation in the forums.


Certainly the concept of healthy eating and a reasonable amount of exercise is the key to healthier living and losing weight. This is the concept that HealZoo.com promotes and supports. The 60+ meal plans, dozens of exercise programs and customized online weight loss tools are inviting. But how does one know what combination will work best for them? It’s hard to tell whether this program might be right for certain individuals since an inside peek at the program is not available without membership. But for those willing to invest $9.95 (limited time offer) for the chance that this program might be right for them, you’re not out much if it doesn’t work out. There are other FREE diet plans out there that offer the same concept and give great online support that you might want to check out as well.

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    Healzoo.com is a scam. I never received my products and when I called the 1800 number and left a message, no one got back to me. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.



    I must apologize, their customer service department sent me several emails and I had provided an invalid zip code. The FatFlush works just as they advertise.



    Healzoo is great!!! I tried out their 15 pounds in 15 days program and it helped me lose weight soooo much faster than these other rip offs