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Heart Foods Company

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The Heart Foods Company was founded by Richard F. Quinn, a heart-attack survivor. His story is used as a foundation for the company and its products because he claims to have used and developed them himself. His first heart attack occurred in the late 1970s. After undergoing failed double-bypass surgery, he was left very weak and was not given a good prognosis by his doctors. Dick Quinn explains in his book “Left for Dead” that he discovered the healing power of Cayenne Pepper through a neighbor.

He fiddled with the herb and conducted extensive research after taking it himself and feeling instantly rejuvenated. The Heart Foods Company is the result of his efforts to develop a line of herbal products that harness the benefit of cayenne pepper in promoting cardiovascular health.

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The Heart Foods Company has several herbal products with catchy names. Power Caps for instance contains 100,000 heat units of cayenne as well as ginger root and hawthorn berry. It is used to improve circulation and indirectly promote heart health. Nite Time Caps is an herbal formula using valerian root to encourage relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Thinking Caps is a mixture of African bird’s eye, East Indian cayenne, gingko balboa and peppermint and is also used for circulation. It is supposedly a weaker formula than Power Caps and is more popular for brain function and concentration.

The Heart Foods Company also has a line of Now Foods products that are divided into capsules containing amino acids, vitamins, herbs and antioxidants. There is a wide variety and each one targets a different deficiency or health problem. There are amino acid formulas to improve brain function and sexual arousal, antioxidants to improve eye sight and cardiovascular function, herbs to improve digestion and prostate health and vitamins to boost energy.

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  • The Heart Foods Company has a wide range of products that target all types of common ailments.
  • Most of the ingredients used in the products are all-natural.


  • The FDA has issued several warnings to the Heart Foods Company concerning its labeling. Letters dating as far back as 1997 and 2006 have addressed the FDA’s concern about the company’s use of misbranded labels. The FDA states that the products investigated, specifically, Power Caps, Nite Time Caps, Thinking Caps and Keep It Up Caps, are misbranded because they are advertized as dietary supplements and yet they offer no “Supplement Facts” on the labeling as required by FDA standards.


The Heart Foods Company is one of many suppliers of dietary supplements on the market and, although their products have been sold for over two decades, the FDA has not issued approval for them to be marketed as such. While these products may not do harm, their results have not been sanctioned by the recognized authority in the industry. There are other FDA approved supplements on the market, so these may be the better choice when it comes to this type of supplement.

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  • 1
    Owen Jurgens

    I live in Australia and would like to know if I can buy on line or where I could get Heart Food Company cayenne tablets


  • 2
    Faye Patrick

    I have just finished my first bottle of the first level of heart foods cayenne. would it be better if I emptied the contents of each capsule onto my food. I don’t know if the capsule might just be going straight through me. what do you suggest for optimal absorption? Regards, Faye


  • 3

    i just want to say i am the owner of the cayenne company
    formally heartfoods-and all issues i repeat all issues with the fda have been fixed for years-www.cayennecompany.com
    1-800-229-3663 thank you


  • 4
    Pat Beuning

    I have been unable to find the Cayenne Heart supplements at Nutrition Plus where I used to buy it.
    Where can I purchase it?
    Minneapolis, MN area