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While most folks who embark on a diet plan set their main goal on losing weight, generally there is more involved. Many need to give additional consideration to their cholesterol levels and the effects that a diet plan will have on their heart. Most people who are overweight, especially those who fall into the obese range, have a tremendous amount of strain on their heart. The leading cause of death in obese individuals is heart disease, attributing to some 300,000 deaths per year. High fat and cholesterol intake also contribute to diabetes and the risk of strokes. The main goal of a Heart Healthy Diet (originally developed by eDiets.com) is to introduce a new way of eating designed to reduce weight, cholesterol and therefore lower the risk of heart disease. Let’s see what’s involved in this type of diet.


Low fat, low cholesterol meals and recipes can be found in a number of Heart Healthy cookbooks and on websites.

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There are a number of Heart Healthy Diet websites available to those looking for such a diet plan. If a Heart Healthy Diet plan is of interest to you, eDiets.com, HealthCastle.com, and others like them can be a valuable tool to assist you in you quest for weight management. These websites offer meal preparation and planning, recipe ideas, healthy exercise ideas, and lots of good information to help one understand the foods that they are consuming. They help us to appreciate what foods are good for us and why and they inform us why some foods that taste so good are the main culprits behind weight gain that leads to heart disease. The more educated one can become about their food and exercise choices, the greater chance of success they can expect to achieve.

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  • Sound information on heart healthy diets.
  • Great meal choices that actually tastes good.
  • A healthy heart can mean a longer, happier, healthier life.


  • These websites do address the use of appetite suppressants or fat burners as diet aids.
  • Online plan is left for individuals to design their own diets.
  • Many individuals should consult their health care professional for a complete check up before starting any type of diet plan.


It should be noted that not all who wish to lose weight are facing impending heart issues. However, if left unchecked, high cholesterol levels and fat intake can sneak up on a person until one suddenly finds that they have reached the obese range. High fat, protein and cholesterol diets, such as the Atkins Diet, can be dangerous adversaries to a heart healthy diet plan. Limiting the amount of high levels of unhealthy fat and cholesterol is a sure way to get your heart healthy diet off to a good start. Consulting the logic provided by some of the websites listed earlier is also a good way to get started on this type of weight management and heart healthy plan.

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