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Heath Pea, also known as bitter vetch, is an herb that during medieval times was used by people to help curb hunger pangs during times of famine. It is also believed that King Charles II fed heath pea to his mistresses to help them remain slim. During a recent archaeological dig near Edinburgh, evidence was discovered which indicated the tubers of the plant were chopped up, then either chewed or mixed into a potion, and used to ward off hunger when the crops had failed. The tubers are said to have a “leathery licorice” taste. After ingesting the tubers, it is said people lose the desire to eat for weeks. Researchers believe that heath pea could possibly be reintroduced and marketed as an appetite suppressant to today’s dieters.

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Heath Pea, also known as bitter vetch.

Product Features

Possibly marketed as an appetite suppressant pill in the future, this would be another tool dieters could use to lose weight by cutting down on the amount of food consumed. This is all speculation, however, as the weight loss possibilities of heath pea are still in the research phase, at companies such as Highland Natural Products. So far, the companies are reluctant to elaborate on the progress of the research. Appetite suppressants are generally an effortless way to curb hunger cravings, and some dieters report that they are an effective addition to a weight loss program.

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  • It is difficult to speculate about the advantages of heath pea used as an appetite suppressant pill, because there are no known products currently available that contain the herb. However, if the historical reports are proven to be accurate, the herb is an effective appetite suppressant.
  • Could be combined with other known herbal weight loss ingredients resulting in another choice for dieters searching for natural weight loss supplements.


  • There are no products currently available, and there is much medical research needed to ensure there are no undesirable or dangerous side effects of heath pea.
  • Appetite suppressants generally are not a lasting solution to obesity problems, as the dieter also must replace bad eating habits with healthy eating habits, and appetite suppressants do not address that necessity.


Heath Pea is an herb that was well known for its appetite suppressant qualities in the court of King Charles II, and was used by the people of England and Scotland to cope with the effects of a failed harvest during medieval times. Modern medicine has yet to determine the actual effects of the herb, but there is currently research being done in Europe on heath pea. It is anticipated that heath pea can be used in a new pill form to suppress hunger cravings, and therefore aid in weight loss. Those awaiting the release of a new heath pea diet pill will most likely be waiting for a long time because responsible manufacturers will want to test the product thoroughly before it is marketed to the public. There is no information about when to expect a heath pea supplement, nor is there an official website that can be referenced, so we do not know the expected costs or distribution details.

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  • 1
    bob glodic

    where can I purchase heath pea


  • 2
    Marlene Neisler

    Does this plant grow in the northwest of the United States? It looks very much like one that grows in my horse pasture! Is there a place you can buy the seeds? Thankyou



    Please be careful when consuming the seeds. I read some where that it can be toxic if consumed in high amounts.



    Whoever you are the one u see in the pasture probably IS the same one!