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Heather Picken’s I Feel Like A Million Bucks! is a website created by motivational speaker Heather Picken that is designed to inspire women ages 30 and older to achieve a leaner, healthier body. The website is found at www.heatherpicken.com, and contains access to newsletters, podcasts, book recommendations and other tools that encourage good nutrition, exercise and positive thinking. The website offers weight loss books and programs available for purchase, and there are also testimonials and links to other recommended products.

Product Features

The weight loss books available at www.heatherpicken.com include the 6-Week Fat Burning & Mind Empowering System for Women, Body of Love – 57 Secrets In Creating Your Ideal Body Using The Law of Attraction. The 6-Week Fat Burning book deals with suggestions about creating a faster metabolism by eating more fat burning foods and total body workouts. It offers long-term lifestyle solutions for those seeking to improve their physical well-being. Body of Love focuses on improving women’s mindset and feelings of self-worth in order to inspire readers during the weight loss process. Upon purchase of Body of Love, you receive the book, an e-book audio program and a downloadable guide to “Creating Your Ideal Body Workout”. Other books available include books about creating fat-burning workouts and containing fat-burning recipes. There is also access to Heather Pickens Fat Burning Bootcamp offered in certain areas of the country. The I Feel Like A Million Bucks website includes several links to topics ranging from affirmations to relationships.

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  • Website contains a wide variety of information and products to purchase concerning weight loss, fitness and positive mindsets.


  • The books and programs are rather expensive, ranging from $17.00 to $225.00 each.
  • This program is designed specifically for women, so men may not be inclined to give it a try.


Heather Picken’s I Feel Like A Million Bucks! is an all natural, old-fashioned approach to weight loss. The programs included encourage losing weight by incorporating healthy, low-fat diets with good, old-fashioned exercise. There are all sorts of encouraging articles to read and plenty of books to buy, to assist you in achieving personal goals. The website is complete, and easy to navigate. The website and its products target women over 30 specifically, and those women may find the site especially inspiring. Men and younger women can still benefit from the advice given, although it may be a problem attracting them to the site to begin with. For those who don’t know where to begin their weight loss program, Heather Picken’s website could be just what they’re looking for. The downside that could be mentioned is that after reading the books and articles, it is necessary to practice what has been learned, which sometimes proves to be the most difficult part. That’s where determination and hard work come in, but this website and its programs could provide the needed motivation. The price of the program might become quite expensive, if one purchases all of the available books. It may be a good idea to try one at a time, and see how it goes from there.

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    Heather Picken is a fraud and not who she claims to be. She bullies and pressures people into signing a contract for a company that does not even exist. She lists her company and I Feel Like a Million LLC, which in fact is not an LLC, and there is no public record of an LLC. I signed up for a coaching course with her which was average, and most of the information I already knew. She tells her clients to schedule a “Breakthrough Session” phone call with her only to try to pressure you into spending a bunch of money with her for her “next level program.” I unfortunately got talked into this by her and she took $2,000 from me. She then sent me a phony contract (which I did not know at the time was phony)I contacted her within 3 days stating that I did decided not to take her course(I should have followed my intuition that was telling me no but I unfortunately trusted her and allowed her to talk me into something I don’t need.) She is now refusing to give me my $2,000 deposit back and has sent me to a collections agency for $7,400 for services she never even performed. Again, she is commiting fraud and I want my $2,000 back.