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Heavy Sports is a company that produces several different products geared toward athletes. The products are designed for strength training and include a wide variety of dumbbells and hand grips. The company’s website is difficult to navigate and understand, as the design is not a highly professional one. The products are available for purchase directly from the company website.

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Product Features

Heavy Sports produces two main products: the Heavy Handle and the Heavy Grips Hand Grips. The Heavy Handle is a dumbbell handle that has a threaded screw to accommodate various amounts of weight based on what the trainer wants to use. These dumbbells can be used to train the body in a variety of ways. They are available in 1” or 2” grips and can be used to train the arms, chest, back, and shoulders. People can get 1 for $19.95 or 2 for $29.95.

Heavy Grips Hand Grips are designed to help people improve their grip strength. They are available in six different strengths to accommodate a variety of fitness and strength training needs. The Heavy Grip 100 is 100 pounds and is designed for beginners, women, young athletes, and for warm-ups. The Heavy Grip 150 is for intermediate users. The Heavy Grip 200 is for advanced users. The Heavy Grip 250 is for professional users. The Heavy Grip 300, also known as the “Gripper King” is for those who have mastered the professional grip and are looking for a bit more. The Heavy Grip 350 is the heaviest grip available designed to provide the biggest challenge. It is known as the “Grip Monster.” Those who are interested can get the entire set of six grips for $70, or choose any 6 models for $75.

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  • The products are patent pending and are affordably priced.


  • We were unable to discern a lot of product information from the website because of its novice design.
  • We cannot really tell how these products will help anyone improve their strength routine compared to any other weight lifting products.
  • These products are not directly related to diet and weight loss like the others we review.
  • These products are only available in the United States.


While we’re sure these devices will provide strength training, we don’t think they offer anything special compared to traditional exercise equipment and grip strength tools. Those who are interested in increasing their strength will get more benefit from purchasing a home gym system or joining their local gym.

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