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The Heel Detox Kit is produced by Heel Detox. The oral drop system is made of three proprietary blends each made to support a certain part of the body. The detox is claimed to assist people with ridding thier body of the bad stuff associated with bad health or a poor lifestyle. Whether the symptoms are a result of drug abuse, poor diet and nutritional habits, lack of exercise, exposure to allergens or other toxins, or any other number of issues, the Heel Detox Kit claims to be the answer. The official website offers considerable amounts of information on the kit and other products for those who want to learn more before making a purchase.

List of Ingredients

Nux vomica-Homaccord®, Lymphomyosot®, and Berberis-Homaccord®

Product Features

Nux vomica-Homaccord®, as the name may suggest, is meant to treat nausea and indigestion. This is good for those who have digestive issues.

Lymphomyosot® treats the lymphatic system and is good for treating the tonsils, and hypertrophy of the organs in the lymphatic system. There are many benefits of Lymphomyosot® including liver support, and the treatment of acne and eczema.

Berberis-Homaccord® is a special blend meant to support the bladder and urinary tract. This blend is supposed to improve overall gallbladder function and help treat issues such as cramping, irritation and inflammation.

Those who are interested in purchasing the product can find it directly from Heel Detox and a variety of other online retailers for around $25. It may also be found in health food stores around the country.

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  • This homeopathic remedy combines several formulas to address the body’s major systems for optimal health.


  • There is a lack of information on the three formulas included in this detox.
  • We were surprised there was no fiber in this formula to help cleanse the colon.
  • This product isn’t directly related to diet and weight loss.


There are many different detoxification products on the market that all claim to rid the body of toxins to help people lose weight and feel better. Though this one doesn’t claim to help you lose weight and doesn’t include any sort of fiber to cleanse the colon, we aren’t really sure if it is going to serve you better than the other ones on the market. Anyone who is considering using this product should look more closely into the individual ingredients to determine if it is something they would like to try. We recommend following a healthier, more balanced diet that includes lots of water and healthy exercise to cleanse the body and improve overall health.

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    Will this detox kit help me pass a drug test?


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