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One of the toughest areas to train is the abdominals. There is no quick fix or fly-by-night scheme designed to produce six-pack abs. Hell on Abs claims to be this system. Creator Wesley Virgin claims individuals using his program will see results within the first 30 days, while exercising for a mere 7 minutes per day.

List of Ingredients


  • Virtual fitness program focusing on the abdominal region.

Product Features

Hell on Abs is a fitness program featuring online support, videos and workout plans from trainer and motivational speaker Wesley Virgin. The systems claims dieters will lose 10 pounds in the first 30 days. The program is virtual, so there is no need to watch fitness videos of visit a fitness club. The entire program is completed in the comfort of your home. Hell on Abs is available free for the first seven days. After, the program is set up on a recurring billing cycle. The price is $30 per month. This is expensive compared to visiting a fitness club.

The program is great if you need additional motivation to improve overall health and wellbeing. We have to note the techniques in the program are nothing new. The program discusses nutrition and exercise. This information has been around for years. The program also claims you will see results in as little as seven minutes per day. Getting in shape, especially the abdominal region will take more than just seven minutes. You will need to exercise as well as eat correctly.

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  • Hell on Abs features a seven-day trial.
  • There are online testimonials.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • The program is expensive.
  • The claims are not based upon scientific research.
  • The program offers unrealistic claims.
  • The program does not address diet.
  • The creator of Hell on Abs does not have formal training.
  • The system is expensive.
  • The program is set up on recurring billing.
  • The information is readily available online free.
  • There is no indication of the length of the program.


When individuals in the fitness world consider themselves a virtual fitness trainer, we have to raise the red flag. Wesley Virgin has no formal training, although on his bio he states he is a personal trainer. He also lists motivational speaker as part of his experience. We looked though the entire website and his Hell on Abs fitness program offers nothing new. The program offers guaranteed results, but does not disclose the entire story as to how. The program does not address diet, merely fitness routines to achieve the six-pack you are looking for. Scientific research will tell individuals they need more than just exercise. Diet is a major component of the abdominal region. We like the passion associated with the program, but dieters deserve more than passion in order to achieve results.

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