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HemagSim is an all natural herbal supplement for weight loss, manufactured and released by Jevits, Inc. HemagSim contains a “miracle mix” of ingredients from the Brazilian rainforest combined with Korean ginseng. These combined ingredients are supposed to produce a variety of results, including reduced anxiety and sleeplessness, natural system cleansing, improved energy and rejuvenating effects. HemagSim contains no man-made ingredients and no ephedra. However, there does not seem to be anyone actually selling this product on the internet or elsewhere, so it appears to be very difficult to get a hold of.

List of Ingredients

Passiflora, Cantella Asiatica, Frangula, Kawa Kawa, Cascara, Tribulus Terrestris, Uva Ursi and Korean Ginseng.

Product Features

Aside from the positive press release for HemagSim, there is little information available regarding the nature of the supplement. The press release references the supplement Emagrecesim, and states that HemagSim is the best of a variation of Emagrecesim, with the addition of Korean Ginseng. The FDA has issued warnings about Emagrecesim, because those products have been found to contain controlled substances only available in prescription medications. Although there are no FDA warnings regarding HemagSim, the connection with Emagrecesim makes it suspicious.

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  • HemagSim is said to contain all natural ingredients.


  • No known medical studies indicating the effectiveness of HemagSim.
  • Only sketchy information available regarding the product, so the actual ingredients are unverifiable.
  • Not available for sale through any legitimate retailer, so difficult to obtain and the price is unknown.


The press release concerning HemagSim states that it is a “ground breaking weight loss herbal supplement launched by a United States company.” That U.S. company is said to be Jevits, Inc., which has no known web site, and there is no other information available about HemagSim. If HemagSim contains the ingredients that it claims to contain, then it is indeed all natural, and the herbs it contains may results in a greater sense of well-being. The HemagSim press release doesn’t go on to say that the product is an appetite suppressant, but the ginseng in the product is said to be a natural stimulant. There isn’t any evidence that use of this product actually results in any weight loss, and there are not any testimonials available to support that claim. The supplement that HemagSim is said to be a derivative of has not been approved by the FDA, in fact the FDA warns consumers NOT to buy or use Emagrecesim. With all the natural weight loss supplements available today from legitimate retailers, it seems that the prudent dieter would be wise to avoid this product at least until more information is available regarding it’s effectiveness and safety.

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