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The Herbal Extract Company of North America was founded in 1987. It opened its doors as a sister company to the Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company because its first product was Saw Palmetto extract. Today the plant produces many different extracts and since it exports to several other countries, it works closely with the FDA to maintain the necessary requirements to export their product to other countries. The company claims that because they only use the highest quality ingredients in their formulas that their extracts are the best you can get anywhere.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. Each extract will have its own unique list of ingredients.

Product Features

The company produces a wide variety of products for sexual health, cardiovascular health, and even hair growth. The products manufactured by Herbal Extract Co. include: women’s products, men’s products, libido, and heart health. In the women’s product line: Ameri-Breast Breast Enhancer, Breast Milk Enhancer, Clitoria Cream, MegaBust Breast Enhancer, and Probido. In the men’s product line up: Extend Penis Enlargement Pills, Hair Regrowth Shampoo, Penis Enlargement Instruction Manual, Red Rooster Pills, Saw Palmetto and Supersize Penis Enlargement Pills. Passion Flower and Maca are the two libido products. CoQ10 is the heart health product. The products in the line are all priced at between $20 and $30.

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  • The products are all priced affordably.


  • The products have nothing to do with weight loss or dieting.
  • We have no proof that these products work like they say they will.
  • The ingredient lists for the products are not available online for us to see.


Those who are interested in purchasing any of the Herbal Extract Co. products can do so by visiting their website. The website includes information on the products and offers a shopping cart feature so people can conveniently shop online. We think that this company has some work to do in order to prove themselves as a valid source of good, quality products. We see no product research that shows how the formulas were developed and what makes them work. We see no customer testimonials to show us what people think about the products. Even though there is a “no questions asked” return policy, we don’t know how well the company holds up to their end of the bargain. We don’t see the full list of ingredients for each product listed on the website, so we can’t see what is in a product before we decide to buy it. Knowing what is in a product beforehand can give us a glimpse into whether it will work or not.

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