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What You Should Know

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Herbal Nitro – the company – offers several natural based products for weight loss, energy and detoxifying. What separates Herbal Nitro from many of the supplement companies in the market today is that they are the manufacturer of their products as well as the marketer. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, you are able to save much of the dollars that are spent on the private labeling of products that retailers purchase from the manufacturers. The Herbal Nitro website is clean and helpful, providing customer testimonials, information on the natural ingredients used in their products and healthy diet information. Let’s take a closer look at their fat burning product, Herbal Nitro Extreme Fat Burner.

List of Ingredients

SanQi, L-Carnitine, Yohimbe Bark, Red Berry, White Willow, Cola Vera, Panaz Quinquefolium, Wild pepper.

Product Features

The Herbal Nitro Extreme Fat Burner is an all natural fat burner that promises impressive results when taking only one pill per day. It should be noted that the product’s suggested serving size does allow for up to two pills per day, but no more. The combination of ingredients – yohimbe being the mostly widely recognized for energy and fat burning – make up a powerful blend of effective ingredients. Possibly best of all, the ingredients are all natural and do not contain caffeine. The official website also suggests that when Herbal Nitro Extreme Fat Burner is combined with a detoxifying product such as Herbal Nitro Complete Body Detox, you can expect accelerated and optimal results. The testimonials suggest that not only is Herbal Nitro Extreme Fat Burner an effective fat burner, but it also provides the needed energy to keep up with an active lifestyle or a well planned exercise regiment.

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  • Increases energy.
  • Suppresses the appetite.
  • Contains all natural ingredients.
  • Encourages a healthy eating plan along with supplements.


  • Products cannot be returned once they have been opened.
  • There is a 25% restocking fee on all returns over 10 days from receipt of product.
  • Lack of before and after photos with testimonials.


Herbal Nitro Extreme Fat Burner seems to be a safe and effective product for those wishing to increase stamina, burn fat and suppress the appetite for weight control. The testimonials on the website tout some pretty impressive results and customer satisfaction. We also like the fact that Herbal Nitro contains all natural ingredients and encourages a healthy eating plan on their website. They even provide healthy alternates to the average daily menu of most folks desiring to lose weight and increase their energy. The pricing of their products is another pretty nice reason to give their products a try.

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