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Herbalife is a company that began 33 years ago with a “mission for nutrition,” according to the company website. Today, Herbalife has more than a million distributors worldwide, offering the line of Herbalife to people who want to lose weight and look and feel better. The weight management line consists of meal programs and supplements that can help dieters achieve their weight loss goals more efficiently. Supplements include those for appetite suppression, metabolism boosters and enhancers. While we appreciate that Herbalife appears to offer something for everyone, we prefer a single formula that can effectively meet all three of these needs for convenience and cost friendliness to the consumer.

The Herbalife products are sold through independent distributors and through some online retailers. We were unable to find the products for sale on the company website. To connect with a distributor in your area, you must first supply information about how you learned about the company. There is also information available on the company website about how to become a distributor.


For the purpose of this review, we will take a look at one Herbalife weight loss supplement, Total Control. This product claims to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss without irritability or restlessness. The ingredients in this formula include calcium, green tea leaves extract, dried ginger root extract, dried theobroma extract, dried yerba mate extract, astragalus, celery, fennel, hawthorne berry, licorice, marshmallow, parsley, suma, dried cinnamon extract and alfalfa.

Product Features

Herbalife offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. It also provides ample information about the science and research that goes into its formulas. In addition, we found customer testimonials that back the claims of the products. This is the type of information that we encourage consumers to look for; because it shows that the company has confidence in their products.

While we are pleased to see healthy ingredients on the list, the large number may reduce the potency of the active ingredients. Green tea is the only serious weight loss ingredient in the formula. The substance can boost the metabolism and suppress appetite. However, green tea is more effective with other weight loss ingredients like chromium and safe stimulants. We don’t see any other active weight loss ingredients on the list.

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  • Herbalife is a proven company with a long reputation.
  • The products are reasonably priced and come with a money back guarantee.


  • Herbalife Total Control does not contain many weight loss ingredients.
  • The large number of ingredients may reduce the potency of the formula.
  • Products are not available for sale through the company website.


Herbalife is a reputable company with a relatively long history of providing weight loss and nutritional supplements. However, we are skeptical whether the long formulas and lack of active ingredients will really be the most effective way of dropping the pounds. We believe that other options filled with more potent ingredients may be a better choice.

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  • 1
    rajiv singh

    Can afresh tea be consumed by teenagers?


  • 2

    My husband is using herbal life and its the first time in years he gets a goodnight sleep. Herbal life not only helped him loose weight it made his health better on many levels the most important one is he no longers suffer reflux symptoms.


  • 3
    Nestor Vazquez

    Los products son seguros tengo 2aƱos tomandolos y perdi 35 libras ahora eh amentado musculo y uso la line 24 sport megustan los resultdos que e tenido


  • 4
    Amit pal

    Today is my 1st day for herbal products bi I fell headache plz tell me product is safe or nt


    Your Name

    Which product did you use?


  • 5

    Can a healthy person take Herbalifeline product .?


  • 6
    Vinod Basarkar

    intetested in knowing lead content in this product & its effect on lungs & Kidneys . Some one had raised these qiuestions .


  • 7
    Your Name

    I am gym master in t.nagar. Herbalife product is ounder full low callories food.


  • 8
    Vivien Kean

    There appears to be a lot of sugar in the product how does that work with losing weight?


  • 9
    Deborah Sheppard

    Im not losing weight after l week total compliance feeling bloated and constipated pls advice


    Dee Griffeth

    Drink plenty of water, and add lots of green leafy veggies!


  • 10
    Eric J. Ruiz

    I Used this suplement , I’ts very delicious, like a McDonald milkshake , And i feel grate, I loss some pounds , good for me , because i feel strong and light to do my exercises. I recommend it.


  • 11

    I have started it today want to know if its a rt decision or no


    shaikh irshad

    Its rally best trust me dear





  • 12

    I bought a meal supplement and had an alergia reaction to it after drinking the first shske. I didn’t think it was that so I drank it the next day. I had to stop because my face got a rash and it hing. When I asked for a refund the girl that sold it to me said no. How can I get my refund?


  • 13

    The reason Herbalife doesn’t sell on the website an only through a distributor is because not like any other nutrition company, when you purchase from Herbalife, you get a wellness coach that will be available to help you and motivate you to reach your weight goal.


  • 14
    Anuj Deewan

    Is Herbalife shake or any product damages our lungs or kidney ?


  • 15

    when take afresh tea.after wokout or before workout..pls tell me



    During workout and warm so it can help you sweat!!! Works!!!!!


    shaikh irshad

    No dear its complete nutrition which person need in day to day life I see many people using this products for 15 years so u can understand result.. Thaks


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