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With so many diet fads and diet programs in the weight loss market today, how can we be sure that we are selecting the one that fits our diet needs the best? The makers of Herbalife Thermojetics have developed a program to help you get started. They claim that their Ultimate Weight Loss Program “attacks stubborn fat, hard-to-lose inches and cellulite”. The products in Herbalife’s program are designed to keep the body energized while reducing fat and eliminating excess fluids, but is it a system that one should continue after the first month of dieting? Can the products in the program really do what they say? And, is this an effective and desirable way to lose the excess weight that bogs you down? Let’s see what the program is all about and what it includes.

List of Ingredients

There are no specific ingredients listed for any of the products.

Product Features

The basis of the Herbalife program is substituting two meals per day with their protein shake product and replacement supplements. For your third meal of the day, you can enjoy what you normally would while watching calorie and fat intake. The diet is primarily supplemented with a variety of vitamins, minerals and herbal tablets. Herbalife has prepackaged each program with several items for maximum convenience. Some of the items you will find in the program package include a protein shake that is available in four flavors, a multivitamin, a cell activator, an evening supplement to help late night cravings, an energizing drink concentrate, and a variety of other supplements designed to aid in eliminating extra fluids and fat in the body. The prepackaged plans will run you about $227.00 plus shipping per month to participate in the program.

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  • Impressive results on the customer success page.
  • There is a full 30 day return policy if not completely satisfied.


  • A full list of ingredients is not available for any of the products.
  • The program does not promote a follow-up eating plan and exercise program.
  • There are no known fat burners or appetite suppressant ingredients or products listed in any of the supplements.
  • Encourages substituting meals with protein shakes on a three meal a day plan.


There are so many diet plans for one to choose from when embarking on a weight management program. The Herbalife Ultimate weight Loss Program just seems to fall short as a good choice. If you’re going to substitute a meal with a shake twice a day, it is much better to be on a six small per day meal plan. The shakes should be used as snacks more so than meals. With the lack of product ingredients, it’s hard to tell if there are any beneficial fat burning or appetite suppressant ingredients in any of their replacement tablets. Generally what happens in plans of this nature is a quick weight loss experience. But without a sensible follow up program for healthy eating and exercise, the weight comes back in time. There are other weight management programs available on the internet to assist you in taking off the weight and keeping it off in a more sensible and effective manner. Do your research and you’ll likely find the one that fits you best.

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7 User Reviews about HerbaLife Thermojetics

  • 1

    I have used the Herbalife Thermojetics tea once, and found that it has side-effects like nausea, light-headedness and suppressed hunger?

    Has anyone else experienced these effects?



    I have used some Herbalife products for the last three years. Please note that this is not a loss weigh program. It is a nutrition program. Starting from your cells, the body absorbs the nutrition from the shakes, 16 vitamins, 10 minerals, protein, and fiber. The most you drink, it’s good for the body that will work better. A morning herbalife shake its equal to eggs, milk and meat, but with out the fat, grease, and cholesterol.
    The tea helps to improve your immunization system, burns some fat, actually converts the fat into energy.


  • 2

    Does anyone else experience nausea and vommiting whilst taking the tea? Each time I drink it I get nauseous and vomit


  • 3

    can thermojectis be used if you take high blood medication thanks


  • 4

    Hi, I need to know what is in the Thermojetics tea, as everytime I drink it, I have a reaction on my tongue, dry and sensitive. I have the same reaction when I drink the Fibre and Herbs, and they may have the same ingredients that causes me to have this reaction. for my own health, I would appreciate a list of the actual ingredients to avoid in the future, as I really want to continue with Herbalife. thank you.


  • 5
    Maureen Lillico

    want to know what other people think about it


  • 6

    how does it cost????