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What You Should Know

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The Herbs America company handles two product brands under their company name. They are responsible for Maca Magic and Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories. Both the Herbs America and the Maca Magic name were established in 1994. The company has worked closely with botanists, laboratories, tribal leaders and universities to research and develop medications and supplements. With USDA permits and forestry permits in hand, Herbs America has developed more than 400 super fruits into the farming and natural foods markets.

List of Ingredients

Since there are many products in the Herbs America line, the list of ingredients will vary based on the product itself.

Product Features

The Maca Magic product name sells organic maca root. straight from Peru where it is grown. The Amazon Therapeutic Laboratories product line features formulas for: detoxification, immune system support, liver and kidney health, metabolism, mood, men’s health, women’s health, pain management, respiratory, and neurological health. The detoxification line features one product, Depura-Cleanze™. The products in the immune system support include: Chem Support 5, Cyto-C, Gravi-Agari™, Gravio Cat, Myco-Chem Support™. The metabolism line includes: Adrenalift, Amazon Slim, Maca Bolic, QataBolic, and Sumabolic. The mood support line includes: Amazon Dreaming with VaIX, Amazon HRT, Instant Tranquil Ability, Pacific Nights and Prosaic by Nature. For men’s health: ProstAchiote™. For women’s health: Amazon Woman. For pain management: Scia-Redeux™, Codizone, Maytenol, and NonsInflamol™. For respiratory there is: Bronchio PL™ , Gen-Respri™, and Respri Winter CL. For neurological health there is: Cerebron CNS, CN-Vitae, Itonic, Myco-Logic, Neruo-Cogent, and Scia-Redeux™. There are also several invidiual herbs and superfoods, including: Yacon Syrup, Camu-Camu Mega C, Amazon Slim Chai, Chá de Bugre and more.

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  • These products are all moderately priced in a range most people can afford.


  • Many of these products are not geared toward diet and weight loss.
  • None of these products have clinical research to support them.
  • We do not see any customer testimonials.
  • There are no money back guarantees.


While we are impressed to see such an extensive product line and individual herbs, we’d like to see more diet and weight loss products. We have no research or ingredient lists to see how well the products will work according to their claims. Without this information we cannot recommend these products to others. As it stands, these products appear to have nothing different to offer customers than what we already see on the market today. If you are interested in making a purchase, we recommend conducting your own research.

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    Toni Trent

    I have ordered products from Herbs America and do not recommend them to anybody!!!
    I have received RANCID Sacha Inchi oil, found bugs in the Maca powder bags, and their rubber droppers disintigrate leaving rubber particles in the extracts.