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What You Should Know

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Heritage products was founded in 1993. The supplements are all designed to address certain aspects of health in a natural manner. The founder wanted to make the products widely available so he uses a network of distributors to ensure people have access to the natural supplements. For people who are interested in making money by selling these products, there is an affiliate program.

List of Ingredients

As there are several different products made by Heritage products, each product will have its own unique ingredient list.

Product Features

There are products for: circulatory health, digestive health, endocrine system, immune system, muscular system, nervous system, respiratory system, skeletal system, and weight management. The products include: Complete, Emerald Green, Healthy Heart Plus, Magnet, Memory Plus, Omega 3, Platinum, Sweet Complete, Vision, Aloe’s Essence, Cat’s Claw, Detox, Gold, Olakino Noni, Slim Tea, Activator Coffee, Anti Stress, Berry Blast, Dino Bites, E-lite Plus, E-lite II, E-Lite Nite, E-Lite Protein Shake, HGH Youth Activator, Ionic Silver, Jubilee, Mobility, Osteogaurd, Prosta Plus, Rejuvenate, Shark Cartiledge, Steel, and Svelte.

The weight management products all claim to help you lose fat fast without using anything unnatural or adding any sugar, salt, or artificial coloring.

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  • The products are available online from a variety of merchants.
  • The products address several aspects of health.


  • It was difficult to find the official website for Heritage Products.
  • Once we located the official website, their new products were listed for 2008, showing the website has not been updated in a couple of years.
  • The products are not geared toward dieting and weight loss.
  • We don’t see any customer testimonials.
  • There are no money back guarantees.


Heritage products does a good job at addressing several aspects of health, but we’d like to see more information about their products before we make a recommendation. We don’t see a list of ingredients for any of the products, so we can’t tell how well they’re going to do what they say they will. We’d like to see some customer testimonials and or a money back guarantee, or at least a free trial so that the customers have a bit of the risk taken away from them. The weight management products we see don’t really have anything new to offer that sets them apart from others on the market today. The website doesn’t have much to offer in terms of information, so we suggest conducting more research before purchasing any products from Heritage.

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