Hers MS 93 Stepper With Handle Review

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The Hers MS 93 Stepper with Handle is a small, compact home stepper that works lower body muscles and increases cardiovascular endurance. Steppers mimic the movement of walking up and down stairs, while reducing impact on joints. The handle makes it easier for the user to control movement and stay steady, but it can also reduce the effectiveness of the Hers MS 93 Stepper with Handle if the dieter uses it to hold body weight to reduce workout intensity. The unit is available from Amazon.com and reviews are generally good. There are, however, a number of reviews that are less than stellar.

List of Ingredients

Compact stepper for home fitness.

Product Features

The Hers MS 93 Stepper with Handle is manufactured with a sturdy steel frame and LCD screen to track the workout. The stepper is slightly wider than comparable models making the stepping motion more comfortable. There is no mention of how the LCD screen is powered. There could be an electrical cord that plugs into the wall or the screen could be powered by user movement. If a cord is required, the places the stepper can be used in the home are limited to socket locations.

The foot pads are adjustable so the user can increase or decrease intensity. It requires a bit of effort to push the steps down, according to one light-weight user weighing 105 pounds. The Hers MS 93 Stepper with Handles weighs just 30 pounds. The pulley system that controls the foot pads is made of plastic and tends to break very easily. Several customers complain about this pulley with some buyers reporting the machine broke in less than one week. We could not find a maximum user weight, but we assume it is between 200 and 250 pounds.

Amazon.com sells the Hers MS 93 Stepper with Handle for $58. The product is made by the Marcy fitness company.

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  • Small, lightweight design makes the unit perfect for small areas and apartments.
  • Adjustable foot pads allow the user to control intensity.
  • The price is much lower than other home steppers.


  • Despite the low-impact workout claim, dieters with joint problems may find the exercise too painful.
  • No maximum user weight listed.
  • The product description does not reveal how the LCD screen is powered.


The Hers MS 93 Stepper with Handle is a small, lightweight fitness machine ideal for lightweight users. We are concerned about the design and plastic pulley system because so many consumers complain about the unit breaking. The potential buyer should call the Marcy company and ask about maximum user weight before purchasing the Hers MS 93 Stepper with Handle. It could be lower than we guessed.

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