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The Hershberg Diet was created by Dr. Melissa Hershberg. As a medical professional in Toronto, Canada, she specializes in preventive medicine and works with some well known Canadian leaders. Her program is not a fad diet, but a weight loss plan that works based on macronutrition and thermogenetics. Hershberg says in following her plan for just seven days, you will start to see as difference.

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Hershberg says the problem lies in failing to recognize the fourth macronutrient. Medical professionals focus on fat, protein, and carbohydrates as the three main macronutrients. If you eat foods high in the mystery fourth macronutrient, you can eat all you want so you are not hungry, and you can still lose weight. She shows you how to figure out which foods have the most of this nutrient. The diet is comprised of four phases, where the first one is the most restricted. The first phase focuses on lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, low carbs, but the foods are high in the fourth macronutrient. The rest of the phases, with the last one being a maintenance phase to keep the weight off, allow for you to eat small amounts of high carb foods such as pasta, oatmeal and rice. The program also teaches you about “hotty” foods which elevate the metabolism to help burn calories and fat without changing the blood sugar level. These are foods that are excellent for weight loss. The book is full of tips, tricks, and advice to help you stay motivated with strategy to lose weight. The program does not have any exercise recommendations, which we consider a major flaw in the program.

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  • This program does not require you to count calories.
  • This program encourages you to intake a high amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • This program encourages people to change their lifestyles instead of looking for a quick fix to weight issues.


  • This program requires you to eliminate certain foods.
  • This program does not encourage you to exercise.
  • This program promotes using artificial sweeteners.
  • This program requires you to measure food portions during certain phases of the diet.
  • You may have to spend more time and money on meal planning and preparation.


With this program, you can get noticeable results, quickly. The program may be hard to follow however, due to all the restrictions. Whether you choose this program or another, what matters if you keep your nutrition balanced, and you work out to help burn more calories than you consume. For even better results, add a proven weight loss supplement, either a fat burner or appetite suppressant to ensure you are getting the most of your efforts.

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