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What You Should Know

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We always chuckle a little when we visit a supplement website and notice how much that website looks like it is selling a prescription medication. HexaGHen is one of those websites. At first glance, it looks like the website is offering tons of information, but the same information listed on the website is found on the box. MuscleMeds, the manufacturer of HexaGHen, uses big words and confusing statements, further pushing the feeling that this is a prescription medication. HexaGHen is nothing more than a chemical compound created in a lab that claims to activate human growth hormone. Bodybuilders may be willing to try anything to gain muscle, but many are turning away from chemical compounds because of the threat of negative side effects and lack of clinical testing for safety.

List of Ingredients

IGF-1 Complex: Ketonic Isomers (CIS and Trans-4, 17(20)-Pregnadiene-3, 16-Dione) and GHRP-2

Hexapeptide Acetate, Lactose, Mannitol, Methylcarboxy Cellulose, Calcium Carboxycellulose, Phosphatidyl Choline, Phosphatidyl Serine and Palmitic Acid.

Product Features

IGF-1 is the aim of HexaGHen. The product description goes on and on about how the formula supports IGF-1 and how IGF-1 supports protein synthesis. The word anabolic comes up multiple times as well, but that is just another marketing ploy to sell more HexaGHen.

We always proceed with caution when it comes to a chemical supplement like this. The ingredients are not found in nature. They are created in a lab and smacked into a supplement. The Food and Drug Administration does not control that supplement and if there are no complaints, they have no stake in what the company is selling. There is also the lack of safety testing. Many herbs have been tested over the years and while some are not effective, they are at least safe for human consumption. The user has no idea what chemicals will do in the human body or how they will react with other supplements or prescription medications.

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  • Ingredients for the supplement are available online.
  • The bodybuilder may notice increased muscle gains – but this is not clinically proven.
  • The website offers a brief description and direct ordering.
  • Contact information is available for MuscleMeds.


  • The ingredients are formulated in a lab.
  • This supplement could interact with other supplements.
  • The dieter will not notice increased metabolism or increased weight loss.
  • HexaGHen will not suppress appetite.


There are far too many bodybuilding supplements that claim to boost growth hormone. When a company wants to stand out, they hit the lab and create ingredients. These ingredients are not tested with years of human trials so there is no way of telling the potential side effects. We would not suggest this supplement for the average dieter.

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