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HFT stands for high frequency training. Most bodybuilders do not use HFT because they are afraid of overtraining muscles and losing muscle mass in the process. HFT diet pills can be used to reduce the risk of muscle loss and other effects of overtraining. The most common HFT diet pills supply energy to the muscle and boost carbohydrate stores. It is important to provide a constant supply of energy or the muscle will turn on itself and burn muscle for protein, which is converted to simple energy.

HFT is typically used to describe frequent weight training workouts, but cardio and weight loss workouts can also fall into this category. Working out six to seven days a week is no uncommon when trying to lose weight, but it is important to work muscle groups in pairs so muscles have the ability to heal before the next workout.

List of Ingredients

Diet pills and supplements used to support HFT.

Product Features

For the bodybuilder, the most common HFT supplements are BCAA and Glutamine. These supplements supply energy to the muscle and support faster healing. Typically, BCAAs and Glutamine are found in pre-workout or post-workout shakes. Some protein shakes also include BCAAs and Glutamine.

It is important to take these supplements before, during and after working out, everyday. The body can only store so much glutamine, so excess will be expelled from the body, but supplying more than the body needs is better than running out of glutamine and muscle fibers burning away.

Dieters using HFT need HFT diet pills slightly different from those taken by bodybuilders. Extra vitamins, caffeine, green tea and protein are ideal to support muscle growth and prevent muscle fatigue. The type of workout program will often denote the type of HFT diet pills the dieter needs.

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  • HFT diet pills support healthy muscle growth when muscles are overloaded.
  • The bodybuilder can achieve greater gains working out more often.
  • Supplements restore carbohydrate and glycogen balance.


  • HFT is not for everyone.
  • Not all HFT diet pills will prevent muscle overload.
  • HFT diet pills may be expelled from the body if they are not needed.


Working out six or seven days a week may provide greater muscle gains and weight loss, but it can be extremely hard on the muscle. It is important, especially for the bodybuilder, to use HFT diet pills to prevent muscle from breaking down to supply additional energy. Without HFT diet pills, bodybuilders will build new muscle then break down muscle to feed the new muscle. This results in no muscle growth. Dieters cannot workout too much, but they can overwork muscles if they weight train multiple days a week.

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