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HGF Complex is a supplement that claims to support your body’s natural products of human growth factor. There is a huge problem with this claim – none of the ingredients are listed in the product description. There are two general descriptions of proprietary blends, but the ingredients in the blends are left off the label.

You can purchase HGF Complex from ProFight Nutrition for about $90 an ounce. That is the going rate for human growth hormone (HGH), but does HGF actually contain any HGH?

List of Ingredients


  • Growth Factor Complex
  • HGH Stimulator

Product Features

HGH is widely used in the bodybuilding industry. According to bodybuilding experts, it is one of the reasons why bodybuilders suffer stomach bloat. However, it is illegal to inject HGH, so how do bodybuilders get their hands on the hormone? Supposedly the same legal clause that allowed ephedra to be sold over the counter in cold medications also allows supplement companies to sell HGH in low concentrations. Companies suspend the HGH in alcohol, which is absorbed under the tongue. Directions for taking HGF Complex tell the user to spray the supplement under the tongue and hold for 20 seconds.

The trouble with oral HGH supplements is the hormone is delivered in small doses. Users have claimed very few benefits of taking oral HGH supplements like HGF Complex, but that doesn’t stop companies from selling the supplements with huge claims of weight loss, muscle gain and fat loss – among tons of other health claims.

We noticed the product label claims the supplement contains HGH, but the ingredient list claims HGH stimulators, not the actual hormone. Without a complete list of ingredients, the dieter has no way of knowing if this supplement is the real thing or a high-priced breath spray.

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  • May promote muscle recovery.
  • May supplement small amounts of HGH.


  • No ingredients are revealed on the label or official website.
  • Sells for $90 a bottle.
  • May not taste great.
  • Will not give the user the same benefits as HGH injections.


HGH is considered the fountain of youth. Natural production of the hormone diminished at 30 with a 25% reduction in production every 10 years thereafter. It is theorized that humans could live to be 140 if HGH levels stayed stable throughout life, but HGF Complex is not likely the supplement you’re looking for. ProFight does not bother listing the ingredients and HGH is mentioned as an ingredient on the label and not on the ingredient list.

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