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The High Fat / Low Carb Diet is one that was created by Dr. Atkins in the late 1960s. The doctor revolutionized weight loss with the idea that the body could be taught to use fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are easy to metabolize and turn into energy, so the body prefers this food. But, when all carbohydrates are removed (or limited extremely) the body will have to turn to other means of energy – in this case, fat. The High Fat / Low Carb Diet facilitates fat burn by removing any carbohydrates the body can use as fuel.

List of Ingredients

Healthy fats and low or no carbohydrate foods.

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Taking the Atkins version of the High Fat / Low Carb Diet into consideration, the body stores about three days worth of carbohydrate fuel for instant availability. The first three days on any high fat / low carb diet plan, the body will drain those reserves. On the 4th day, the body is kicking into ketosis or fat burning.

At the one week mark of a high fat / low carb diet, the dieter may feel like they have the flu. This is called low carb flu. The condition is temporary and only affects a small number of people eating high fat / low carb. After about one week with the symptoms, which include stuffy nose and fatigue, the body will accept fat burning and energy levels will sky rocket.

There is some concern that ketosis is not healthy for the body, but clinical research supports following a high fat / low carb diet for 10 years or more, without harmful side effects. High fat does not mean eating any foods that are fat rich. Instead, dieters are encouraged to choose healthy fats like olive oil and fats rich in omega fatty acids.

Ketosis can be measured with diabetic keto sticks or recognized when fat floats on the water after urination. Some people notice a change in the way body odor and breath smells after entering ketosis. For dieters following the high fat / low carb plan, drinking plenty of water is necessary for washing fat out of the body and caffeine intake should be limited.

If a dieter slips up on a high fat / low carb diet plan, the entire plan will have to be restarted. It takes only one high carbohydrate meal to kick the body out of ketosis and into carbohydrate burning for fuel. This could mean suffering from low carb flu once again.

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  • High fat / low carb diets will increase weight loss.


  • The diet can be difficult to follow as meals are very restricted.
  • It is not uncommon for dieters to spend hours a week researching carb counts on foods.
  • Increasing fat intake is difficult for some people.


The high fat / low carb diet plan works to increase weight loss, but dieters need to have a lot of will power to limit or restrict carbohydrate intake.

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