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There is no doubt that a high fiber diet is a healthy choice for many reasons. Adding fiber to the menu every day can create a more efficient digestive tract that will eliminate constipation and other digestive disorders. It can also prevent a variety of health conditions, including stroke, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. A higher volume of fiber can also help keep diabetes in check and lower cholesterol. But can this diet help you lose weight? That is where the field becomes muddier.

A high fiber diet can make you feel fuller longer so you consume fewer calories. Fiber itself does not have any calories, although the foods it is found in might. The substance may also help to reduce food cravings by keeping blood sugar levels in check. However, a high fiber diet doesn’t work on everyone with the same amount of efficiency and just because a food is high in fiber, that doesn’t mean it isn’t high in calories as well. That is why most experts will recommend lowering calories and incorporating daily exercise into a weight loss program will support the high fiber diet much more effectively. We would also suggest a safe, effective weight loss supplement that can support weight loss efforts and help dieters meet their goals.


According to the National Cancer Institute, adults should consume between 20 and 35 grams of fiber every day. However, the average American diet only contains about eleven grams of fiber. It appears clear that most people could benefit from adding this substance to their daily food intake, but many aren’t sure how to do so. Fiber can be found in many foods, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Consumers should shop for the freshest produce and choose young vegetables that do not appear wilted. Whole grains offer better nutritional content than enriched products, and should be chosen whenever possible.

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There is no specific program for a high fiber diet, but there is plenty of information available on how to add more fiber to your daily menu. Consumers can check online or at the local library for more fact about fiber, making this one of the most cost effective diets around. Foods that are included in the program can also be purchased for a reasonable price and can be consumed by the entire family rather than just the person who is on a quest to drop pounds. This makes the high fiber diet convenient and inexpensive.

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  • The high fiber diet offers many health benefits.
  • Upping fiber intake can be as easy as shopping at the grocery store.


  • The high fiber diet doesn’t work the same for everyone.
  • Adding fiber may not be enough to help some reach their weight loss goals.
  • More fiber will not increase the metabolism or energy levels.


We recommend that most dieters add fiber to their diet because this substance offers many health benefits. However, we are not convinced that a high fiber diet alone is sufficient for reaching weight loss goals. We suggest a proven weight loss supplement to boost dieting efforts and help dieters find success.

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