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The High Protein Diet plan is one that began back in the 1970′s with the famous Atkins Diet. This weight loss system is suited for both men and women who desire to lose excess body fat. Unlike many modern weight loss supplements and systems, the High Protein Diet aims to build lean muscle mass while reducing the user’s body fat. While there is no specific dietary supplement involved with the High Protein Diet, there are protein bars and shakes that can be incorporated into the program.

The key element offered in the High Protein Diet is, not surprisingly, protein. This protein can come from a number of lean food sources such as fish, chicken, egg whites, salmon and lean beef. Whey protein and soy protein are also commonly used these days. While these are not meat proteins, some individuals prefer them for health reasons. The two primary goals of the High Protein Diet are to assist the user with fat reduction and increase lean muscle mass. Therefore the High Protein Diet is claimed to be beneficial for those who wish to lose weight and those looking to gain lean muscle weight. Protein is the nutrient that builds and repairs muscle tissue. The High Protein Diet places a focus on consuming high amounts of protein and minimal carbohydrates. This way the user is supposed to increase lean muscle mass and decrease overall body fat.

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The High Protein Diet is basically a weight loss program that emphasizes the consumption of protein from lean sources. This diet plan is geared toward men and women who desire assistance with fat reduction. The claimed goal of the High Protein Diet is to increase lean muscle mass and minimize unwanted fat. Some protein sources involved are chicken, fish, lean beef, soy protein, egg whites and whey protein supplements. There is no specified time duration that users should follow the High Protein Diet. Protein supplements such as bars and shakes can be incorporated into this weight loss plan.

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  • Protein is the building block for muscles.
  • The consumption of lean meats is generally considered healthy in this day and age as a protein source.
  • The first High Protein Diet dates back to the 1970′s, which may be reassuring for some individuals.


  • The High Protein Diet discourages the consumption of carbohydrates, which are actually needed daily for energy.
  • There are no appetite suppressants involved with the High Protein Diet.
  • There are no fat burner supplements involved with the High Protein Diet.
  • The High Protein Diet may not be suitable for vegetarians who do not eat meat products, since protein could be very hard to come by.
  • The High Protein Diet may lead to the consumption of too much meat, which could be unhealthy.


The High Protein Diet is interesting to say the least. While it is essential to consume protein daily, this weight loss program encourages high amounts of protein; at least one gram per pound of body weight daily. Unfortunately, the High Protein Diet discourages the consumption of carbohydrates, which are actually needed for energy. The concept of the high protein diet has led to the popular misassumption that all carbs are bad or unhealthy, which is untrue. It’s certainly wise to consult your doctor before beginning something like the High Protein Diet plan, whether it’s to lose weight or increase lean muscle mass.

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    Sharon g

    Looking for an equivalent over the counter protein drink to the very effective ideal protein plan I have been on but getting costly


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    Hi I’m really interested in losing just about 5 kgs, I’ve thought about going on a all protein diet but was just wondering how long does it usually take to start losing weight and how long should you exercise for?