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The High School Reunion Diet is a book created and written by Dr. David Colbert that is based on eating certain foods that supposedly help you look twenty years younger in thirty days. Dr. David Colbert is the founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group in New York City and has been in private practice since 1993. Over the years, Dr. Colbert’s tips and strategies have earned him a high reputation among the media as a favorite dermatologist. The High School Reunion Diet is a book that provides information about food and how to “age-proof” your health and skin while eating the “correct” foods. Some of the information includes tips on what foods to eat that help your entire appearance and how to properly shop and cook. Many of the tips offered in the book are clinically proven by Dr. Colbert and his staff, as there are several known foods that make you look older due to sugars and chemical additives.


Not applicable. The High School Reunion Diet can be found in several bookstores and online.

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Dr. Colbert claims that The High School Reunion Diet is guaranteed to work better than getting botox injections, as your skin is proven to change while your diet does. The basis of the diet is that certain foods essentially boost your body’s entire system while others negatively affect your entire body. This diet is recommended to last for thirty days and yields an increase in energy, weight loss, and an overall more positive mindset. There are also two plans included in the diet, as Level One is for people looking to lose many pounds and Level Two is for people who are not as concerned with weight, but looking to eat healthier. There are “lists” of foods that are suggested, such as “smart carbs”, “good fats”, and absolutely no sugar, except in the form of fruits. There is no recommendation for an exercise program, but rather to make sure you are keeping fully hydrated by drinking water constantly throughout the day.

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  • Dr. Colbert is a highly established dermatologist with a great reputation.
  • Eliminates all sugar and processed foods.
  • Provides information not only on what foods to eat but how to maintain health and a youthful appearance.


  • There is no exercise plan included in the program.
  • The suggested program is 30 days and some may need longer to lose more weight.


The High School Reunion Diet was created to not only help you lose and maintain your weight but to provide you with information on how to get more of a youthful appearance back without getting any surgeries.

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3 User Reviews about High School Reunion Diet

  • 1
    Barbara L Smith

    Where can I find this book in Tulsa ???


    terry Reed

    Amazon.com. Or you can wait for the paperback version, due out late March. Thanks for your interest in this diet/nutrition book…it’s a safe, healthy, way to eat for life!


  • 2

    can a senior citizen go on this diet if you are 15 lbs. overweight?