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Also known as the Hilton Head Metabolism Diet, the Hilton Head Diet was created by Dr. Peter Miller, Ph.D. His philosophy with the diet is that by eating five small meals and getting the right type and amount of exercise, a dieter can increase his or her metabolism and therefore stimulate weight loss.

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The Hilton Head Diet appeared in a book under the same name in 1983, with an updated and revised version hitting the shelves in 1996. There are adaptations of the diet available for those who are over 35 years old as well as for children and teenagers. The premise of the diet is that only 30% of the calories we burn each day are done through exercise and physical activity because the other 70% is burned through our body’s natural metabolic processes. By increasing the base metabolic rate, weight loss is achieved more efficently than through exercise alone. By making the body use more calories than it consumes, it will turn to excess fat stores for the energy it needs, thereby helping the dieter to lose weight.

The diet is a combination of a six week weight loss phase and a two week weight maintenance phase. These two phases can be repeated as many times as necessary until the desired weight loss has been achieved. For the first 6 weeks, dieters are limited to about 1000 calories per day, with an increase of no more than 250 calories per day on the weekends. Each day during the six week period, Dr. Miller says dieters should go on a walk twice a day, for 20 minutes per walk. Three days out of the week, some sort of strength training program should take the place of one of the walks. During the two week maintenance phase, caloric intake can be adjusted based on personal need. A calcium supplement and multi-vitamin are recommended throughout the course of this diet.

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  • This diet takes a close look at food intake and exercise.
  • Meal plans are provided.


  • The drastic cut in caloric intake could be hard for many people to manage without feeling deprived.
  • This diet could be hard to stick to for many people.
  • The diet doesn’t say anything about taking supplements to decrease appetite or increase fat burning power.


Overall, the Hilton Head Metabolism Diet sounds good, but so do many others. We don’t think cutting the calories down to 1,000 per day is such a smart move because it can make one feel tired and sluggish. We do however like the fact that both nutritional and physical needs are addressed with this diet.

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6 User Reviews about Hilton Head Diet

  • 1

    Where can I substitute an avocado on this diet. I love it and have had alot of success


  • 2
    karen stapleton

    Do you have to eat everything listed? for example, do I have to put radishes and onions in my salad? Can I eat my tuna plain without mayo? I can’t tolerate vegs. at evning snack time can I have fruit or popcorn instead? Thank-you for your input!


    Robert Marks

    You are better off eating everything exactly as listed. The mayonnaise for tuna is 1 tsp (you won’t even taste it but you need the fat), you need vegetables for fiber and vitamin/mineral requirements if you don’t eat them you’ll be constipated and maybe hungry too (your body will crave the lack of nutrients) substitutions must be like kind quality (popcorn is a grain and you must substitute equal amt of grain related food for it) Vegetable must be substituted for another vegetable like it. And Fruit must be substituted for another fruit like it. There are some things you won’t like — but try to eat it just as written because the diet is most effective that way.


  • 3

    I went on this diet quite a few years ago and lost alot of weight!! I am currently back on it because I know it works.


  • 4

    Great diet to use for fast wieght loss.


  • 5

    when does one eat the metabo-meal on the hilton head metabolism diet? I have lost 7 pounds so far and just started a few days ago, this is from the older book pages are missing thanks, martha