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The Hilton Head Metabolism Diet is based on a book written by Dr. Peter M. Miller. According to the dietary weight loss plan, most of the calories consumed are burned through metabolism, up to 70%, with the remaining calories being burned off with physical movement. If the body is not losing weight, Dr. Miller believes it has something to do with metabolism, so the diet needs to be changed to foods that burn more efficiently or increase the body’s natural ability to burn calories. This theory seems to be closely related to fad and trendy diets that claim certain foods boost metabolism; none of which have been proven.

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Book on eating to increase metabolism.

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Dr. Peter M. Miller wrote the Hilton Head Metabolism Diet in 1983, but the book has since been updated with new research findings, according to the book description online. During the weight loss stage of the plan, dieters are told to consume no more than 1,000 calories a day broken up between three meals and two snacks. This is hardly enough foods to keep hunger at bay, even if the foods are able to increase metabolism. Weekends allow for a bit of a boost in caloric intake with 200 to 250 calories more deemed acceptable.

After weight loss is complete, dieters enter into a maintenance phase which is low fat and high carbohydrate. Each person will have to read the book to determine how many calories are allowed during maintenance. The key focus of the plan is portion measurement, no salt, low fat, high carbohydrate and daily exercise.

The Hilton Head Metabolism Diet is available for sale on Amazon.com for only a few dollars. Most consumers raved about losing weight on the plan, but others complained about the diet guidelines being too restrictive and menu plans being tasteless. Salt is prohibited with the diet, but the body needs some salt intake to survive as salt is the only source of iodine the body receives.

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  • Information is found online about the Hilton Head Metabolism Diet.
  • The book is inexpensive.
  • The restrictive diet and exercise plan will cause weight loss.


  • Dieters may find the diet too restrictive.
  • Daily calorie intake of 1,000 calories or fewer will be too low for some dieters.
  • Hunger may be a major issue on this diet plan.
  • There is mention of a daily multi-vitamin but no appetite suppressant.
  • The plan requires at least 40 minutes of exercise every day.


While calorie restriction and exercise are important for weight loss, the Hilton Head Metabolism Diet may take these concepts too far. For a male trying to lose weight, 1,000 calories will not be enough to maintain normal daily activities.

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3 User Reviews about Hilton Head Metabolism Diet

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    Robert Marks

    I’ve done the Hilton Head Metabolsim Diet several times with great success! After the first two days there is no hunger as long as you eat every 3 to 4 hours (and you get 4 meals a day). The original Hilton Head Diet is the best (I found the updated Hilton Head diets to be more work and to be less effective — so I’m talking about Millers original Hilton Head Diet book). I am a male, 50 years old. The menu’s balance the nutrients so well the body does not crave anything — so you are never hungry until it is time to eat. The trick to not getting hungry on such a low intake of calories is that there is no sugar other than fruits on this diet — so your glycemic index is well balanced — and because of this you don’t get hungry. It is a very healthy diet. It does burn fat. The only drawback is you must follow the menu plan religiously and eat or drink nothing else but what is on the menu. Meal preparation and cleanup time cost me about 4 hours a day — but the results are worth it. The benefits are that I lose 5 pounds a week, I feel absolutely great, and have high energy output so I don’t sleep as much. Bloodpressure normalizes, cholesterol levels normalize, and health issues improve dramatically. Miller was a genius. I’ve coaxed several friends and family members to try the Hilton Head diet and they had the same results. Women tend to lose 1 pound less per week. — Great Diet … very healthy … it works!!!!


  • 2
    sue griffore

    would like to try this after friends great results. book is old — what about current food thoughts? Nuts for protein, people avoiding dairy? Advantages of berries, more current, popular grains (quinoa, couscous, etc)…?? thanks


    Robert Marks

    Sue, there is very little dairy on the diet, half a cup of milk a day with breakfast, small amounts of cottage cheese … these small amounts do not bother most people who have food allergies. For bread choices you could use any of the grains you mentioned above. There are no nuts on the diet — but the diet is not forever — It only last until you lose the weight you want to lose — than you go back to normal eating. You can conceivably lose 50 pounds in 10 weeks if you follow the plan and you will feel great doing it.