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This is like putting the Biggest Loser on Hollywood Blvd! This exclusive spa resort is however not your ordinary fat camp. Located on plush and posh Hilton Head Island, SC, the Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Spa is a true one of a kind. The comprehensive program focuses on how individuals can lose their unwanted fat and weight permanently. The program at Hilton Head Health focuses on three elements – fitness, nutrition, and what is identified as S.E.L.F. (Stress Management, Empowerment, Longevity, and Fulfillment). Separating the Spa from other weight loss facilities is their vast array of healthy living programs. These programs include cardiovascular health, smoking cessation, diabetes prevention and control and stress management. Adding to the prestige of the program curriculum, the institute also offers what they call specialty weeks. During these periods, previous participants are able to return to the institute to engage in programs such as a healthy living cooking school, continued fitness and how to overcome excessive eating related to emotion and stress. But be ready to break out your checkbook or credit card. This program comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

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The Hilton Head Health spa suggests that if you want to lose between seven and 14 pounds, you should plan to stay with them for two weeks. If your weight loss goals are higher and you really want to be pampered for a longer duration, you should schedule your stay for three to four weeks. The program touts that some 68% of their participants have been able to keep the weight off for at least two years after their initial stay. This is actually a pretty impressive figure considering many dieters lose and gain back their weight in as little as a few months. One thing to note – you should be quite serious about this program if you would like to participate in this plush spa and weight loss experience. Your seven day stay will start at $2940. If your goals are higher, plan to spend at least $5600 for 14 days. There is a special package available for those who wish to stay for a longer duration. The deposits and cancellation fees are serious items to consider as well.

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  • Education for lifestyle change is a key component.
  • Promotes healthy eating along with balanced exercise.


  • Very expensive and not affordable for most.
  • The plan requires a lifestyle change and may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Located in Hilton Head, SC, the institute is not conveniently located for everyone.


The Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Spa is certainly not for everyone. If you have the means for such an experience, the testimonials are encouraging. Hilton Head Island is a beautiful location and the serene surroundings are ideal for motivating. However, there are many other programs that promise to produce the same results for much less cost and some can even be achieved from the comfort of your home. For the average person looking for a plan that will produce results and teach you how to eat sensibly and make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep the weight off, you might want to look into the Abs Diet or Body For Life.

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2 User Reviews about Hilton Head Weight Loss

  • 1
    Gail Littman

    Hilton Head Health is a bad place. The ‘instructors’ are often students, but not identified as such. That is fraud.
    The Institute had no interest in the fact that one of its staff, Jeanne Phillips, had her license revoked by the state of Arizona because of inappropriate conduct towards her patients.
    So, they have poor professional and moral standards. Don’t go there.


  • 2
    Jeffrey Hooker

    Are activities outdoors and if so when would be the best time for mild temperatures i.e. 60-70 degrees for a 2 week stay?

    Thank you.